Growth Planning

How to draw up an international business plan

Here, Nick Farmer, international tax partner at Menzies LLP explores how businesses can take advantage of the international market.


Artificial Intelligence in HR – the future is now

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to give HR managers the power to make better decisions for the workforce they manage.

Human Resources

Workplace bullying: Six ways to deal with a bully at work

Workplace bullying costs businesses billions in lost revenue each year.


Entrepreneur interview: Peter Clark, co-founder of Qlearsite

In an exclusive interview for Growthbusiness, Qlearsite co-founder Peter Clark explains how companies can better understand what would help their employees be more motivated and engaged in the workplace.

Human Resources

The M word: Why more employers needs to open up about menopause

70 per cent of menopausal women in the workforce keep it a secret at work. Here's why it's time for businesses to break the taboo.

Human Resources

HR: The unsung hero in the age of uncertainty

Here, Chano Fernandez, EVP global field operations of Workday, explains how HR teams can support their organisations in uncertain times.

Human Resources

Top tips for managing absence in Wimbledon season

How do you plan for employee absences during sporting events like Wimbledon? Activ Absence's Adrian Lewis writes.


Can a universal employee app take on the HR function?

The HR tech industry is reinventing itself. Led by innovators and technologists rather than HR experts, the sector is starting to carve a niche for itself with mobile apps that streamlines HR functions efficiently. But is there a way for a universal employee app to do the same thing as a "one-stop shop"?

Human Resources

How flexible should your HR policy really be?

CIPD training experts DPG plc asked its community of HR professionals to anonymously share the most obscure requests they’ve ever received. Here are some of the strangest requests HR managers have received, and why some of them may actually be valid.


Free HR platform for growing businesses secures £1m for further expansion

Serial entrepreneurs behind CharlieHR are on the fast track to growth

Human Resources

Shared Paternity Leave – an opportunity or headache for businesses?

Adrian Lewis, commercial director at Activ Absence, examines the implications of shared parental leave legislation on businesses and offers advice for practical challenges companies could face managing it.


Gender pay gap remains pronounced among designers

Extensive study on designers’ salaries looks at comparative pay ahead of Designer Week.