Human Resources

Diamonds in the rough: Identifying and growing your rising stars

Is the concept of talent overrated? Here Lumesse HR director Steve Hewitt outlines a radical new approach to identifying the stars of the future.


Majority believe in professional couples sharing childcare equally

Survey released ahead of introduction of Shared Parental Leave.

Human Resources

The decision to hire in-house help

One of the biggest balancing acts for growing businesses is deciding where limited resources should be directed. Ian Cowley, managing director at cartridgesave.co.uk explains why he opted to bring in specialised human resource skills.

Legislation and Regulation

How to navigate through employment legislation in the UK

Erika Bannerman, sales and marketing director at recruitment firm Brook Street, looks at the minefield of employment legislation and gives her advice on how to stay informed.

Human Resources

HR outsourcing: the basics

Using external providers to do the job of a personnel or HR department might save money, but the process is not without its pitfalls. GrowthBusiness weighs up the benefits and the risks.