Growth Strategy

Articles and guides on effective growth strategies to drive expansion, enhance shareholder value, and achieve long-term success.


Relocating the company HQ – Best business decision case study

Alex Rahaman, CEO and founder of StrikeAd, explains how moving the business base to New York, and expanding into Asia, is allowing the mobile advertiser to fulfil its ambition and potential.


Taking bold risks

Victoria Pooley, owner and joint managing director of The Data Partnership, tells GrowthBusiness about her best business decision.


Getting public sector contracts

Public sector contracts can provide a much needed boost to business development. GrowthBusiness looks at how they can be won.


Keep your business flame alive

All too often the spark of innovation fades as a company grows in scale and achieves success. We find out how to keep that creative fire burning and move the business on to its next stage of growth.

Growth Planning

Accelerating business growth – 5 case studies

As economic recovery takes hold, it's time to forget recession and focus on growth.


Katherine Corich: My best business decision

After qualifying as a commercial pilot, New Zealand-raised Katherine Corich decided to pursue a career in information management. Her company, Sysdoc, now turns over £12 million globally and UK sales grew more than 42 per cent last year.

Growth Planning

Thriving in a Downturn

Entrepreneurs reveal how they are minimising risk while also seeking to grow their businesses.

Growth Planning

Six obstacles to business growth

It is often said of start-ups that the first year loses money, the second year breaks even and the third yields a profit.

PR and Marketing Strategy

How we doubled revenues in a year

It's every entrepreneur's dream. Three business leaders reveal how they supercharged their sales and doubled revenues in a year.


Breakthrough Clinic: Brandedmedia and the evolution of a growing business

While the start-up phase of a company's life can be make or break, the next step in the evolution of a growing business can be even tougher.


Converso Contact Centres grows from within

Dino Forte co-founded customer management business Converso Contact Centres in 1997 and this year he anticipates that sales will top £6 million.

Growth Planning

The challenge of change

Adjusting to growth is one of the most difficult challenges you face as an entrepreneur. You may have the traits it takes to make your business a winner, but you'll be the victim of your own success if you don't plan for the new world in which you find yourself when your efforts start to pay off.