The 12 rules of giving negative feedback to staff

Giving feedback is a sensitive issue, particularly if its negative criticism. Here are some tips to help you approach delivering negative feedback to your staff.


“Alexa, this is fantastic!” Rant & Rave integrates customer feedback for Amazon AI

Rant & Rave develops customer feedback integration with Amazon Alexa, making leaving reviews as easy as talking out loud.

Human Resources

24/7 employee feedback is here to stay, but is it always useful?

Is all feedback good feedback? ViewsHub's Ab Banerjee looks at both sides of the coin.


How to mentor entrepreneurs by giving useful feedback

In the first of three columns on mentoring business builders, George Coelho looks at the notion of positive and critical feedback.


Funding for Fizzback

The Fizzback Group, a provider of instant customer feedback, has secured $5 million (£2.6 million) from technology venture capitalist Advent Venture Partners.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Mystery shopping

For most companies, customer service is an integral part of business strategy. Indeed, many firms have established guidelines on greeting customers and how staff should generally represent the company in a positive manner. But how do you find out whether these principles are being carried out in practice?

PR and Marketing Strategy

Benefit from customer feedback

The customer is always right, apparently. So it follows that listening to your customers and finding out exactly what they want is a sure-fire way of improving your product or service and consequently boosting revenue. But sadly, it's not usually that simple.