Exit strategy

Exit Strategies

Time to make an exit?

With trade buyers and PE firms on the prowl, make sure you know how to sell for the right price.


Get the right exit price

It's more important than ever for those selling their business to think about the key points the buyer will find attractive.

Exit Strategies

Asking for a ‘cash out’ deal

Whether an investor wants to come on board or is seeking an exit, remixing the company’s capital base may allow you to get some money of your own in the bank and strengthen the business as a whole.


Simon Cook: Exit Strategist

DFJ Esprit head honcho Simon Cook has had a string of multi-million dollar exits under his belt, but he’s still on the lookout for more great early stage companies.

Exit Strategies

Successful exit strategies

While over 50 per cent of owners believe that management is the single most difficult issue to address when selling their business, over 33 per cent have no succession strategy in place. GrowthBusiness reveals the results of Business XL's unique exit survey.