Exit strategy

Exit Strategies

7 essential steps to guiding your business to private equity exit

Alexis Sikorsky, founder of Sikorsky Consulting, guides us through the essential steps to securing a profitable private equity exit

Exit Strategies

Why every business owner should have an exit plan

Almost half of UK business owners admit to not having an exit plan. Yulia Barnes of Barnes Law explains why you should

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Gapsquare CEO Dr Zara Nanu – ‘Go big or go home’

Dr Zara Nanu, CEO of Gapsquare, talks about what drove her to set up a pay-gap analytics firm, the importance of having a board and selling her business to XpertHR in August last year

Exit Strategies

The benefits and drawbacks of demergers – GrowthBusiness guide

Companies pull apart for all manner of reasons. Some separate after a merger has failed to deliver the expected benefits, while others demerge a subsidiary to raise extra capital, usually on a public market. Calum Covell explains

Exit Strategies

Partial exits: a balancing act

If it's done correctly, a partial exit can advance your company by introducing new people with different skills and experiences, all the while allowing you to enjoy some of the wealth you have generated.

Exit Strategies

How to sell your company before any CGT hike in April

Rishi Sunak is debating whether to double CGT rates from 20 per cent to 40 per cent in next year’s Budget. Does that mean you should sell your business now?

Exit Strategies

How to conduct a management buy-out

A struggling business, or a business where the owner is looking to move on, could really benefit from a management buy-out.

Exit Strategies

What is an earn-out – pros and cons of selling your business outright

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds hit the headlines recently when he revealed he didn’t realise the sale of his business included an earn-out clause

Exit Strategies

Employee Ownership Trust – another way for you to successfully exit

Why business owners planning to sell their enterprises should also consider Employee Ownership Trusts

Exit Strategies

Three things to remember when exiting from a property fund

Paul Corren of Wedlake Bell has three pieces of advice for real estate moguls trying to exit their developments or property funds

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Why Europe’s tech millionaires put their money where their mouth is

Nearly 20 per cent of all money invested in European startups is coming from individual investors, making private wealth the main source of venture funding

Exit Strategies

Exit, what exit? 92% of those who’ve sold up stay in the business world

Entrepreneurs who envisage walking away from their firms having sold are likely to be disappointed. The reality is that over 80pc stay involved with the businesses they’ve exited