Exit strategy

Exit Strategies

Employee ownership – is it right for your small business?

Employee ownership is on the rise – should your business join the trend?


TransferWise becomes Europe’s most valuable fintech startup

Co-founders, staff and early investors sell shares, valuing money transfer service at £2.7bn

Exit Strategies

15% of SME business directors are beyond retirement age

Many entrepreneurs fail to sell before planned retirement, meaning they are trapped running businesses.

Exit Strategies

How to choose the right exit strategy

Here, a variety of business experts investigate the pros and cons of selling up via MBO or a trade sale.

Exit Strategies

Should I sell my owner-managed business?

John Rigby, CEO of K3 Capital Group argues that current beneficial tax rules and market conditions means entrepreneurs should exit their business this year.

Exit Strategies

UK Power Reserve sold to Sembcorp for £216 million

Exit follows revenue and headcount rise since 2015.

Exit Strategies

Planning an exit strategy? Why profile needs to be on the agenda

Here, CommsCo explains why managing your PR when your business exits is vital.

Exit Strategies

EdTech exit gives huge investor return

Sale and exit of ICS Learn generates impressive return for investors.

Exit Strategies

Building a business with an exit strategy

From day one entrepreneurs need to be thinking about how they will ultimately cash in – but what are the most important factors involved?

Exit Strategies

From fledgling start-up to big-ticket exit in one year

When most entrepreneurs start out on their journey an exit is the ultimate ambition – a feat achieved by SaaSID founder Ed Macnair after one year.

Exit Strategies

James Caan and Paul Herman: Preparing for payday

James Caan and Paul Herman explain that while a business may appear to be in rude health, cracks beneath the surface may prevent even the most optimistic of buyer from pressing the button.

Exit Strategies

Know your exit strategy before you invest in a business

The blunt truth is that private equity houses need to understand what the exit strategy is the moment they start talking to potential investee companies. GrowthBusiness blogger Wol Kolade explains.