EIS – Enterprise Investment Scheme

Articles and news on the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) – a series of UK tax reliefs designed to incentivise investing in small unquoted companies carrying on a qualifying trade in the UK.

Growth Planning

How do you value an EIS company in the post-Covid world?

High-growth businesses are desperate for cash, despite Covid-19. But how do you value an EIS portfolio company post pandemic?

Venture Capital Funding

Start-up founders give £250m Future Fund the thumbs-down

EU state aid rules prevent government’s £250m Future Fund being combined with existing tax reliefs such as Enterprise Investment Scheme

Alternative Finance for Business

Future Fund investors could be offered 30% tax break

Treasury debating whether to offer EIS tax relief to investors co-investing in its £500m Future Fund scheme


Nine out of 10 growth businesses to close within a year

Investors taking fright during the coronavirus crisis are imperiling the future of Britain’s potential unicorns, says survey

Alternative Finance for Business

Why government needs to boost EIS tax relief to 80% to save our start-ups

Increasing EIS tax relief to 80% would inject £2bn of investment into the UK’s crucial start-ups, the Googles and Facebooks of the future, argues Jasper Smith.

Venture Capital Funding

Venture capitalist calls for £1bn start-up bailout fund

France has launched a £3.5bn bailout fund for tech start-ups, argues VC Public, so why isn’t Britain doing the same?

Venture Capital Funding

Three companies raise £50m between them through MMC Scale-Up Fund

MMC Scale-Up Fund has raised £100m from institutions to fund growth for scaling companies, offering EIS investors an exit route


What the Chancellor can do this Budget to help small business finance

With high street and challenger banks both reining in SME lending, the government needs to loosen restrictions around tax-based funding, argues Gary Robins.


What UK scale-ups need to learn from Silicon Valley

Scott Longley talks to John Bailye about why so many UK start-up founders fail compared to US entrepreneurs

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Q&A Luke Davis of IW Capital – ‘Opportunity comes out of crisis’

IW Capital was founded nine years ago as a boutique EIS investment house. Today it’s grown to offer debt as it transforms into a one-stop-shop for SMEs

Venture Capital Funding

Total EIS funds down by one third in 2018

But money for tech-driven start-ups increases as government corrals investors towards growth businesses


Entrepreneur interview: Simon Bunn and Kris Gumbrell, co-founders of Brewhouse & Kitchen

Co-founders of Brewhouse & Kitchen, Simon Bunn and Kriss Gumbrell have successfully scaled up their craft beer centred pub business over the last five years.