EIS – Enterprise Investment Scheme

Articles and news on the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) – a series of UK tax reliefs designed to incentivise investing in small unquoted companies carrying on a qualifying trade in the UK.

Alternative Finance for Business

Curated Capital to raise £10m in year one for fast-growth start-ups

EISA teams up with start-up ratings agency Capital Pilot to launch platform where EIS investors can see the pick of fast-growth companies

Alternative Finance for Business

Deepbridge EIS to raise £86m this tax year for tech start-ups

Deepbridge Capital EIS fund wants to nearly triple £29m raised through EIS in 2020/21 tax year, enabling deeper investment in more companies


Conduit launches EIS Impact Fund for firms with sustainable goals

The Conduit EIS Impact Fund helps to support and scale impact-driven companies while allowing investors to build diverse portfolios.


ARIE Capital raising £10m EIS fund with eye on Chinese market

New fund from veteran financier offers path for tech companies to enter the vast Chinese market with its 1.4bn potential customers


Celebrating Entrepreneurs #2 – Dan Rodwell of GrowthInvest

GrowthInvest founder Dan Rodwell supports Celebrating Entrepreneurs because his own dream began working from his kitchen, he tells Lawrence Gosling


Celebrating entrepreneurs #1 – What it takes to be an entrepreneur

In this first episode of Celebrating Entrepreneurs, Scott Weavers-Wright and his Haatch Ventures team talk about their own experience of launching businesses

Growth Planning

Top 5 tips for launching a fast-growth business during a pandemic

Claire Louise Noyce takes a sideways view of 5 top tips for launching a business that wants to scale during the Covid-19 crisis


Octopus launches Ventures EIS fund of up to £20m

Octopus Investments is launching a new Ventures EIS to help small and early-stage businesses which will help with COVID-19 recovery

Alternative Finance for Business

Vala Capital launches £20m EIS fund for sustainable start-ups

Vala Capital launches the Vala Sustainable Growth EIS targeting small companies focused on sustainable solutions  


Critical importance of private company valuations in the post-Covid world

As an investor, putting a value on an EIS company during the pandemic is difficult. Getting an independent valuation is the answer

Venture Capital Funding

7 investor personas: how start-ups can understand their motivations

Matthew Cushen, co-founder at Worth Capital, explains how start-ups can understand the motivations of 7 different investor personas.

Growth Planning

Why should entrepreneurs care about EIS and SEIS?

Matthew Cushen, co-founder at Worth Capital, explores why entrepreneurs should care about the EIS and SEIS tax relief scheme.