Wanted: entrepreneurs to run multimillion-pound tech startups

Kamet turns the traditional seed capital model on its head by developing disruptive ideas itself and then finding entrepreneurs to lead them. Oh, and they’re backed with €250m of AXA insurance money


6 ways to introduce disruptive technology into your growth business

Shaking up your market with disruptive technology can in turn disrupt your own small business. Chris Cook and Vincent Billings offer six ways to ease the transition


Women in Finance Summit and Awards set for June 26 in London

This year’s Women in Finance Summit focuses on new entrants disupting financial services and how to progress your career.

Alternative Finance for Business

Internet giants set to grow SME finance market by £1.4bn within a decade

Tech giants and P2P lenders will carve out a 37pc of SME lending market by 2030 says PwC


Entrepreneur interview: Graham Harris, managing director of Tech-ni-Fold

The managing director of the printing device company explains how he grew his business from scratch.


Rewards4Racing’s Josh Apiafi on disrupting the horseracing industry

The sport of kings has been through a torrid few years, with owners and breeders feeling the financial crunch, but Josh Apiafi thinks he has found the solution with Rewards4Racing.

Growth Planning

Will Amazon disrupt banking?

Could we soon be opening an Amazon bank account and getting loans and mortgages from the e-commerce giant? The e-commerce delivery expert ParcelHero says the UK finance industry can bank on it.


What to do when disruptors come knocking

Soitron UK's Daniel Olsson explains why being the middleman is an incredibly valuable position today.

Growth Planning

Disruption in decision-making: new tool identifies hidden gems

A new tool challenges the traditional decision-making process that relies on gut-feel and market knowledge alone.

Growth Planning

Adapt or die: Digital disruption as the key to economic growth

If you want to grow it's not longer enough to work your socks off: now you need to be genuinely disruptive to thrive.


Why disruptive innovation succeeds

Javier Rojas, Silicon Valley MD at Kennet Partners, discusses The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christiansen.