Customer Service


Digital push and branch closures may backfire for banks

Branches have been closing en masse across the country as banks ramp up their digital offerings. A new study, however, suggests that customers prefer human interaction over digital offerings.

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Are your customer service tactics targeted for B2B and B2C?

Evander's customer service manager, Julian Betts takes a closer look at the adjustments that you need to consider when serving a particular customer base.


These 20th century hang-ups are holding SMEs back

British SMEs are losing sales by limiting themselves to 20th century payment methods, according to new research from PayPal.

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3 strikes for digital brands and they’re out

A new study reveals that the UK is becoming a nation of digitally discerning consumers willing to click-off and check-out, if their high expectations of the digital services and applications they use are not met.  

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Are you squeezing customer success from the middle?

From crowdfunding heavyweight Crowdcube to luxury service provider Quintessentially, Salesforce EMEA's Chris Ciauri outlines how customer centricity helps business growth.

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How to make your customer service soar

A global study by customer experience expert Verint found that 81 per cent of customers really just want their questions answered. Sometimes it's a matter of getting the basics right. Verint's Graeme Gabriel writes.

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Make your customers fall in love with you

Infographic: here are seven tips to retain your customers despite fierce competition

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Humans over robots: addressing UK’s customer service skills gap

Despite an increasing number of companies automating customer engagement to stay lean, recent studies suggest consumers prefer human interaction.


Disconnect between board members and customers, say employees

Top level executives ignoring input of front-line staff when formulating customer strategy, finds report.


Customer service deteriorating among UK businesses

UK Customer Satisfaction level suggests worst performance since January 2010.


Report exposes lack of ROI insight from customer service

The gap in businesses’ measurement of customer experience means they don’t know what customers really want, research finds

Growth Planning

Sharing benefits from third party deals with customers

For Chris Barling, founder of e-commerce software supplier SellerDeck, making the call to be customer centric when it wasn't a fad term has worked in the long run.