Customer Service

Growth Planning

How to differentiate your customer service in a crowded market

Here’s how you can transform your contact centre to add intangible value to your product or service and stay ahead of the game.

Human Resources

Need to knows: Scaling up your customer service provision

Mandy Holford, director of customer service firm Echo-U, explains how company's can use technology without sacrificing on service.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Use customer service as a marketing tool

Find out why effective customer service can be your most powerful marketing tool.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Have a digital business? Here are 7 ways to customer satisfaction

Businesses thrive on customers’ support and loyalty to ensure growth. For a digital business, this can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have the luxury of having face-to-face interactions with customers.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Why poor service could cost you a third of your customers

Nearly a third of consumers in the UK say they would ditch a business or brand that failed to provide good customer service over the phone, according to a new study.


Are chatbots now a business necessity?

Juniper Research predict chatbots could save businesses billions of pounds, with banks and healthcare gaining the biggest cost savings. How do you know if your business is ready for this technology?


Why HSBC is banking on voice biometrics

Biometric authentication is often seen as one of the most secure ways to protect data while making it easier for users to interact with organisations. But is it foolproof? Here's why HSBC is rolling voice biometric authentication out globally.

PR and Marketing Strategy

First direct schools Londoners on the value of customer service

Challenger bank first direct pranks Londoners with a burger van with appalling customer service. Here's what happened.


10 things you need to survive the feedback economy

Feedback can be a boon or bane for businesses today. Ordamo's Danny Potter explains.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Red flag: Poor customer service costs businesses £37bn

A new report from the Ombudsmen Services reveals poor customer service costs businesses £37 billion in 2016. Are good deals and convenience enough to keep customers from switching?

Growth Planning

Go mobile or go home: why customer service needs to step it up

Mobile is everything now, which is why customer service needs to catch up or risk getting left behind. ClickSoftware's Alec Berry writes.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Why bad reviews aren’t bad for brands

Francisco Ascensão explains the importance of negative reviews for brands.