Customer experience

PR and Marketing Strategy

The importance of target audience personas and how to develop them

Charlotte Thorp from Kinetic Communications tells us how to establish your target audience personas and boost your business communications

PR and Marketing Strategy

What is CRM and what does it do? Growth Business guide to CRM

Growth Business reviews 9 of the most popular CRM systems for engaging with your customers and following up on sales leads

PR and Marketing Strategy

Acquiring and keeping customers with thoughtful promotional gifts

Here, we look at why promotional gifts and giveaways are a great way to acquire and retain customers.


Can raising customer expectations kill companies?

Steven Van Bellegham, technology expert and author of Customers the Day After Tomorrow, talks to Davy Kestens about the future of customer expectations.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Have a digital business? Here are 7 ways to customer satisfaction

Businesses thrive on customers’ support and loyalty to ensure growth. For a digital business, this can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have the luxury of having face-to-face interactions with customers.


What is the real cost of inaccurate information online?

New research shows that two thirds of businesses have inaccurate information and data on their website, leading to billions in lost revenue.


Taking on Amazon? Focus on customer experience networks

Forget Amazon. Axway's Shawn Ryan explains how smaller businesses can adapt, innovate and disrupt in industries dominated by tech giants.


Is offering perks to your customers financially effective?

Almost a third of 18 to 24-year-old British consumers have come to expect ‘perks’ from brands, but are they cost-effective?

PR and Marketing Strategy

Things you need to know to improve customer experience

Keeping the customer happy is the most important part of keeping your business healthy - but how do you improve the customer experience?


Don’t overlook your customers on the path to growth

Mike Hughes, managing director of PeopleTECH, explains how high-growth businesses can stay on top of the customer experience.

Mergers & Acquisitions

PWC agree deal to buy customer experience consultancy Outbox

New technology acquisition provides PwC with specialised cloud-based solutions across the UK and Europe.


Now is the time for true personalised engagement with customers

Productivity is all over the media as the biggest challenge for UK business: but are people missing a trick by not pinning down their customer engagement?