Business management

Articles and guides on effective business management and the processes of planning, organising, and and achieving sustainable growth.


Stages of business growth

Building a business is a unique journey because the operation you run evolves through so many different stages - until you stand back from the cash flows, contracts, and strategies, you often can't recognise at what stage your venture is.

Financial Management

Company turnaround tricks

As every entrepreneur knows, growing a company is fraught with perils. Your business model, for instance, might have worked well up to a certain stage of development, but may prove woefully unsuitable at the next one. Key customers or suppliers may let you down.

Venture Capital Funding

Business Turnarounds: rising from the dead

Alchemists of old used to try to turn lead into gold, but latter-day exponents take businesses on their death-beds and nurse them back to rude health, says Elderstreet Investments boss Michael Jackson.


Peninsula: Job Done

Having built a thriving betting shop business, Peter Done changed tack and took on employment consultancy Peninsula. He eventually turned the company’s fortunes around, but sailed close to the wind on many occasions.

Financial Management

Business comebacks and turnarounds

Bringing a business back from the brink is a black art that requires ingenuity, guile, commercial courage and nerves of steel. GrowthBusiness highlights four of the best British business fightbacks of the past year.


Building the winning team

I've started several ventures as an entrepreneur, bought companies as the head of an international group and also invested privately. The net result of all this activity – containing as it does my own fair share of failures as well as successes – is that I've ended up with some pretty strong views on what makes a successful business.


Adding value and creating distinction in your business

You can create and sustain a competitive advantage – and attract outside investors – if you build value and differentiation into the DNA of your business, says Chris Ingram.


Mitchell Tonks: Respect your shareholders

Mitchell Tonks has proved seafood restaurants do make money - Fishworks, the OFEX-listed (Now PLUS Markets) restaurant chain he founded in 1994, turned in its first annual profit this year. With five sites now up and running, Tonks has plans for another 15 establishments.

Human Resources

Building your dream team

Dispersing responsibility, dispelling fear, divesting yourself of weaklings and deepening trust are the keys to building the perfect management team.

Growth Planning

Recruiting a second-in-command for your business

Deciding to recruit a second-in-command is a difficult choice to make – and finding the right person can prove just as trying. But, if you get it right, it can radically transform your business.

Growth Planning

The ins and outs of business travel

Many growing businesses find it hard to structure their business travel expenses. Here, promotional marketing group The Communications Agency shares its experiences.