Business management

Articles and guides on effective business management and the processes of planning, organising, and and achieving sustainable growth.

Financial Management

What I’d do with £500,000

Successful entrepreneurs have that magical touch when it comes to investing their money in both business and pleasure. We asked six owner-managers how they would choose to spend a £500,000 windfall.

Exit Strategies

How to conduct a management buy-out

A struggling business, or a business where the owner is looking to move on, could really benefit from a management buy-out.


6 ways to jump-start your business – how to cope when things go wrong

It’s easy to pretend nothing’s wrong when your business is veering off course. Businesswoman Haylee Benton shares 6 tips to ensure you steer your business away from any rocks

Financial Management

What is the role of an internal auditor in growing your business?

An internal auditor, either internal or external, helps your growth business identify processes that are outmoded to help you maximise your company’s potential. It can be an invaluable resource, says Amy Hodgetts

Growth Planning

How to put agile business practices in motion

Business agility is a term thrown about a lot in business: but do people really understand what it means and how to achieve it? Talent Party CEO Ben Hutt gives his views.


How data science aids enterprise risk management

Here, we take a look at how data science can aid your business in enterprise risk management.

Human Resources

Complexity: How to streamline your business

Too much complexity and bureaucracy can hamper business agility and stifle innovation. Here, Ivan Seselj, founder and CEO of Promapp, looks at how to simplify operations.


Why even the most skilled salespeople are failing

David Freedman, director at Huthwaite International, looks at the mistakes even the best salespeople make.


The ten biggest business blunders you can learn from

The team behind LondonOffices.com have come up with what they believe could be the ten biggest blunders ever.


Business and management on the edge: how to survive in an era of chaos

Here, Piotr Ploszajski of the Warsaw School of Economics, looks at how disruptive technology shapes and re-invents business, management and entrepreneurship.

Human Resources

5 ways to boost morale and productivity in a start-up

Sebastian Lewis, CEO at Mettrr Technologies gives five ways to ensure you create a healthy, happy work environment for your staff.

Growth Planning

5 ways to break the constraints of change management

49 per cent of businesses are unsure where to begin with change management. If this is where your business currently is, here are five ways to break the constraints of change management from Applied Business founder and MD Martin Craze.