Business management

Articles and guides on effective business management and the processes of planning, organising, and and achieving sustainable growth.

Growth Planning

Why managers should use inherent biases to make better decisions

Researchers believe that rather than trying to think rationally, managers and business strategists should use their own biases to come to better decisions.

Human Resources

3 major myths about flat organisational structures

Here's why adopting a flat structure may benefit your company more than you think

Growth Planning

Can management consulting help small firms grow?

As an entrepreneur or the owner of a small firm, you’re no doubt aware of the importance of leadership development and the effect that passionate management can have over a business.

Human Resources

How can you keep your staff onboard during periods of change?

Change is necessary for all companies to grow: but how can you address understandable anxiety among staff when it happens?


Beyond finance: creative MBAs that can lead to entrepreneurial success

MBAs are often seen solely as qualifications in narrow financial disciplines: but casting your net wider afield can bring unexpected benefits.


Be transparent, expect transparency – Lord Sugar's advice to businesses

Renowned businessperson Lord Alan Sugar has been providing his tips for entrepreneurs, via business data site Company Check.


Is now the time for an email amnesty?

Constant email stress is becoming a fact of life for the majority of workers now: is an amnesty over selected times the way to solve it?

Financial Management

Internal efficiencies: the key to reducing red tape

Red tape is consistently cited as one of the main barriers to business growth: so how can businesses adapt their own working methods to minimise its impact?


Letting go: how to hand over the reins of your successful business

Letting go of control can be one of the hardest thing for a manager owner to do but it's a crucial part of any business's evolution: so what steps can make the transition as smooth as possible?

Growth Planning

Building businesses with a start-up mentality

A start-up mentality is what can propel businesses quickly to the realms of successful SMEs: so how can you maintain the best traits when growing into the higher echelons?


The founder's dilemma: Managing change

Business mentor David Mellor discusses how to navigate a growing business as it develops.


Tell-tale signs of company heading for failure

Entrepreneur Michael Jackson looks at what the tell-tale signs are for a business on the way down and going off the rails.