Number of foreign buyers acquiring UK companies falls by 11% in Q4

Brexit uncertainty means EU buyers have adopted a 'wait and see' approach


Yanis Varoufakis says Brexit deal is the worst of all possible outcomes

The former Greek finance minister on why Brexit is bad for business and why developed countries could learn from Singapore.


Post-Brexit Britain – which sectors will prosper?

Suresh Lodha says that India's engineering graduates can provide much needed skills for British businesses.


Local experts are the secret weapon for SMEs to achieve global success

Here, Luke Smith, co-founder and CEO of marketing agency Croud, explains the key things to consider to make your overseas business a success.

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Brexit: Don’t panic, but it may be time to stockpile

Mark Waterman, Brexit consultant at Vendigital, explores how a hard Brexit may affect businesses and whether firms should prepare for a supply shortage.

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Brexit trade talks: Will Juncker and Trump’s talks freeze the UK out?

In this piece, we look into how an EU-US trade deal might impact our likelihood of agreeing a deal with the US, the EU and, indeed, the rest of the world.

Exit Strategies

Should I sell my owner-managed business?

John Rigby, CEO of K3 Capital Group argues that current beneficial tax rules and market conditions means entrepreneurs should exit their business this year.


How do you value your business when you don’t know what the future holds?

We speak to Adam McGiveron, Brexit specialist and head of the advanced manufacturing sector at law firm Shakespeare Martineau on how businesses can value their firm accurately.

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Brexit business impact: Will Brexit trigger a drop in revenues in 2019?

Over half of UK scale-up businesses believe Brexit will trigger a drop in revenue in 2019, according to new research. In this piece, we hear from scale-ups about the challenge ahead.


How family businesses can use external funding to their advantage

Duncan James, head of family business at law firm Shakespeare Martineau, explains what options are available for family businesses who are looking to grow.


Eight of the most successful UK family businesses

Nearly 9 out of 10 private companies in the UK are family-owned and they remain essential to the British economy, marketing consultant Sharon Fishburne finds.

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Brexit: What do fast-growing businesses think?

Three managing directors of AI, retail and manufacturing firms tell GrowthBusiness if they think Brexit will be good or bad for business.