Take a look at five cars at the top end of the market 

Take a look at five cars at the top end of the market 

Take a look at five cars at the top end of the market 

1. Aston Martin DBS £160,000-£165,500

OK, so you’re probably not going to splash out on the new Aston Martin DBS as part of your fleet, but we couldn’t resist including James Bond’s latest drive in our list. The Aston Martin, first featured in the seminal Bond movie Goldfinger and most recently in Quantum of Solace, this car purrs quintessential British cool.

As the latest version can reach up to 191mph and is made, among other things, of lightweight carbon fibre, it remains fully Bond-worthy. A message reinforced by the ‘Hand built in England’ inscription on the kick plates as you open the door.

2. Jaguar XF Saloon £33,900-£54,900

Winner of the 2008 What Car of the Year award, the Jaguar XF looks as sharp as an Armani suit, with the feel of designer comforts on the inside too. Not only does it have the usual wood, leather, air-con luxuries, but also the modern features of touch-screen sat-nav, voice controls and iPod connectivity.

3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class £55,885-£149,055

Tightly controlled body movements make this car a memorably smooth drive. However, be warned, the S500 is not a credit crunch-friendly purchase due to its high fuel consumption and a 35 per cent company car tax rating. However, if you don’t mind forking out a bit extra, it comes with futuristic infrared night-vision technology.

4. Audi A8 Saloon £49,995-£81,100

For a car that is less expensive than some of its counterparts in this category, the A8 comes with some state-of-the-art features. This includes a stability control system that aims to prevent accidents before they happen. Among the other safety fixtures are eight airbags and front-seat head restraints that automatically move to counteract whiplash.

5. BMW 7 Series Saloon £51,860

A unique-looking car, the 7 Series is as divisive as Marmite when it comes to taste. The high costs of insurance, fuel and service are also worth bearing in mind. There’s no disputing the car’s technological credentials, with speed-sensitive steering, and an iDrive function allowing the driver and passengers to control climate, audio, navigation and communications.

Marc Barber

Marc Barber

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