Object of desire: The Bentley laptop

If you're the sort of individual who likes to let everyone know you're doing well, then what could be better than strutting about with a laptop made from a luxury car?

Computer designers Ego have created a laptop that takes elements from a Bentley and fits inside one hand-built bag.

The “Bentley laptop” may bring out the true boy-racer in you, with its distinctive car-like features and authentic materials.

The handles are built to imitate those found on the Bentley doors, and the leather cross-stitched exterior matches the seats. The bag also bears the Bentley crest.

You can even custom design the computer with ten colours to choose from, helping you to finally reclaim some ownership of the machine – instead of just feeling like its slave.

Strictly for luxury car enthusiasts, only 250 are due to be issued at the top-of-the-range price of £10,000.

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Marc Barber

Marc Barber

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