How can Human Capital Management help your company stay in control?

When you have a small handful of employees, handling their time and absences is not so difficult. But, as your company grows, the complexities of Human Capital Management do also.

With a larger workforce comes additional responsibilities. The software that you choose to use can have a major impact on your ability to handle these responsibilities. This is where Human Capital Management software becomes incredibly useful.

What is Human Capital Management software?

As the name implies, this software is your complete solution for managing and tracking your workforce. Log, track, and monitor absences and trends related to employee absences.

When it comes to attendance, it is hard to enforce an attendance policy when you do not have an accurate record of absences. When used in conjunction with Human Capital Management, the system will automatically track attendance violations.

Take a look at the primary features of this software. Learn how you can remain in control as your company grows:

Set up absence profiling to detect trends.
Keep track of employee entitlements.
Streamline the handling of requests.

Using HCM to detect trends

Within a HCM system you can set up absence profiles. Each employee receives their own profile. These profiles allow you to detect trends in absenteeism. These trends are not always easy to detect without help.

You can also set up absence codes to differentiate between types of absences. For example, certified sick leave may be handled differently compared to a sudden call-off.

If you choose, you can give your staff access to these details. This will allow employees to keep track of their absences, which can help cut down on absenteeism.

As your business grows, the importance of attendance tracking increases. You can avoid serious attendance problems that can result in a drain on productivity. You will also be able to handle the increased demands that come with handling a larger workforce.

Keep track of employee entitlements

Along with simply tracking attendance, you also want to be able to properly keep track of entitlements. This is another task that becomes increasingly difficult with a larger workforce. Your HR team could spend hours dealing with these trivial details during the holiday season.

With Human Capital Software, you can accurately track all employee entitlements. You have the option of giving your staff access to these entitlements as well. They can view their own balance, available holiday time off, and other details.

Streamline the handling of absence requests

In addition to giving your staff access to their entitlements, you can allow them to make schedule requests. Here is another area where your management team likely wastes valuable time. They should not have to spend valuable time handling these requests when they can be automated.

With the help of this software, your staff can submit these requests through the system. There is no need to leave a note or call a supervisor. Everything gets handled electronically.

Basically, this software streamlines the way that you track employee absences. At the same time, it gives your staff access to their own details. They are held accountable for their absences, limiting the occurrence of absenteeism.

The primary advantages of Human Capital Management

Why do you need these features? As mentioned, when you have a few employees, it is not hard to keep track of absences.

You know who is showing up for work and who is violating your attendance policy. Though, when you begin to hire new employees, you need to ensure that everyone is following your policy.

Relying on manual recordkeeping is inefficient and unreliable. Your staff may dispute certain issues when there is not an accurate record of absences. Absence management software solves this issue.

Through the use of this software, you will also be able to meet the demands of a growing business. By detecting trends in absenteeism within a HCM system, you can avoid additional attendance problems.

In the end, this software allows you to continue monitoring and tracking attendance, no matter the size of your company. With each new hire, you are adding new data that needs to be tracked.

If you rely on manual input, you are wasting a considerable amount of time. The amount of time spent on paperwork will add up, with each new employee. This problem will be avoided through the use of this software.

Scalable software for businesses of any size

When you implement this software, you want it to continue meeting your needs. As your business grows, the software that you have in place should grow as well. That is another key benefit of this software.

This scalable software will work, whether you have ten employees or ten thousand. You will be able to remain in control as the number of employees grows.

If you want to prepare for the future, then get started with Human Capital Management software today. Choose additional modules to create a customised solution. Build an effective method of managing employee attendance.

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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