How to create the best business card

For any start-up business, entrepreneur or recent graduate, career networking is a vital part of achieving success. This article explains how business cards can help.

Creating a positive image and making yourself stand out from the crowd and not becoming a distant afterthought is part of anybody’s self-marketing plan.

Although the drive of technology has influenced business networking sites such as LinkedIn, the business card remains a prominent tool in both etiquette, business practice and most importantly for the creation of opportunity.

For over 300 years, tradition has dictated that business cards should be handed over with the left hand which goes to show that the business card will remain an everyday practice.

There is no doubt that an attractive business card creates more appeal and intrigue. It must be remembered that this tool is effectively marketing you on a piece of card – therefore it must reflect your and your business succinctly, simply and also creatively.

Social media

This is not only a tip for your business card but it also a very simple, general business tip. Social media is now absolutely essential to any business set-up and marketing yourself via an online presence is a primary business strategy. Include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn details on a business card as this shows that you are actively engaging with the media and are showing willingness to network.

It may even be worthwhile to note down your company blog instead of your website homepage as this offers something more laid back and less up front than a homepage which bombards information.

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Be creative

Depending on your industry, you may want to stick to a slick and simple design. However, if you are creative, you may want to add imagery or even mix it up by using an unusual material or different shape.

Use space wisely

The card has two sides so why not use them both intelligently. Keep the information spread out and in a font and colour that is easy to read. Perhaps one side could show an image which highlights your business or your personality whilst the other side could document your contact details. Your card should easily stand out in a pile of cards and it needs to be a call to action.

Create your own QR code

QR codes can help bridge the offline and online. This code is very similar to a bar code on any product and can be scanned by a mobile device which leads to a web page with further information e.g. C.V or the company website. This is a simple means of providing more to the card receiver.


Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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