How the right technology can revolutionise small businesses

For a few years now, revolutionary technology has propelled businesses forward. We have seen the likes of Uber and Snapchat transform our lives with technologies we simply cannot live without. But how do they do it? And what lessons can small businesses learn from these success stories?

The right technology can bring the visions and objectives of a company to life better serving its customers. When evaluating a company’s technology it’s easy to focus on improving your hardware and those pesky end-of-life updates that seem to appear out of no-where. Somehow software and backend management is frequently overlooked, unless absolutely critical.

The first lesson is take a step back to look at what you’re overlooking, for example your database. In simple terms, a database is a collection of information. However, a database is much more than that. A database is the key to any business – storing and unlocking everything from sales transactions to customer profiles. The right database can evolve a company’s proposition, giving employees and customers fast and effective access to a variety of business data. But that is just the starting point, with the right database behind you, you can achieve so much more accurate information.

At SmartTrade App, we recently discovered the power of non-traditional databases (called NoSQL) when developing our new app. The new app gives small business owners and merchants a range of features that would not be possible without out innovative database technology. Key features include:

  • Access to data any time, anywhere (regardless of network connection)
  • Process card payments from customers with any mobile device with no extra hardware or card reader
  • Being able to use one, completely paperless, app to support the whole business

These features have transformed our app into a business enablement tool that our customer’s cannot live without.

So what does this mean to us?

Firstly, these features deliver a competitive edge. Our app supports thousands of mobile workers and small business owners across Britain. They turn to us knowing that we will be able to support them in processing vast amounts and different types of data on a daily basis. We have a scalable solution with a flexible data model, not to mention offline capabilities, which no one else provides.

We also have a complete solution for data management between the cloud and any device that allows our app to be fully functional whether it is online or offline. This is really a game changer for us. Our app efficiently leverages the power of seamless syncing of a variety of propositions.

Finally, our app is future proof. Programmers and developers support our database meaning it will support new query languages in the future.

What does this mean to our customers?

Our customers get the gift of time – we provide them with flexibility to minimise the time they spend in the office and maximise their time in the field. Time management is really important to small businesses and what makes our app a tool small business cannot live without. Whether they are in the office or out on the road, the app will support their activities and provide them with access to their data. Additionally, admin costs are reduced and payments are made simply to keep the business running smoothly.

Although a database is in fact a collection of information, it can transform your business offering. NoSQL has given us a truly unique opportunity to distinguish our offering and our businesses within the market. Our app solves real business challenges and as a result has transformed the lives of small businesses. NoSQL gives our customers the flexibility they need to simplify their business operations. The offline platform is key as it allows teams to work seamlessly within the app, wherever and whenever they want. Additionally, the app helps to keep finances in check (with automated billing), which provides greater control of outgoings and income. NoSQL has delivered these advantages putting us ahead of the game.

SmartTrade App has chosen Couchbase Mobile to underpin its next generation smartphone app. With thousands of users, processing vast amounts of data on a daily basis, SmartTrade App had outgrown its existing SQL database. The company turned to Couchbase, provider of the most complete NoSQL database, for a scalable solution with flexible data model, offline capabilities and other features that would support its need for a leading edge in a competitive market.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for from 2016 to 2018.

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