Creating a great place to work 

Creating a company that people want to work for is vital to ensure sustainable growth in your business. German gaming business Goodgame Studios has done just that - growing to 1,100 staff in just five years: their head of talent gives her view on how to do the same.

A solid and positive corporate culture

Companies that are appreciated by their employees are a great place to work and mostly have a great corporate culture at their core. Employees who enjoy where they work are committed and engage in thoughtful collaboration, innovative ideas and have an overall desire to succeed. Simply put, happy employees equal a successful business.

We at Goodgame Studios believe that only the best people will create the best products and drive a company to success. We work together as one team of people with expertise and determination to achieve our goals collectively. Our corporate culture is at the very core of our foundation.

A transparent company culture helps attract and retain top talent, and this is what differentiates a great company from a good company. While there is no one signle solution to creating and sustaining a great corporate culture, companies that are recognised as a “best place to work” understand the importance of a satisfied workforce.

Investing in a solid and positive corporate culture is one way of showing that your employees are your most valuable asset. A strong culture helps us gain a competitive advantage by having loyal employees and increased profitability as a result if motivated workforce.  

Creating a people connection

At Goodgame Studios, we believe in creating a culture of open communication and encouraging employees to contribute towards the building blocks of organisational goals. We have the best talent from 50 countries bringing in world class skills, culture and diversity and are committed to making this the absolute best place to work for them.

We collaborate across teams and departments and are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit – something that new generation workers really value and enjoy. The people connection is very important as great minds deliver great ideas.

The vibrant ambience of Goodgame Studios is the starting point to spark innovation, collaboration and of course, fun, which is an integral part of our workday. A fun, relaxed environment makes for an engaging office space. It becomes the perfect breeding ground for creativity.

Thus ensuring the company’s culture is synonymous with a fun incubator, is paramount for business success and talent engagement.

Investing in the right talent

Employees are key to organisation’s success – It is the people that define success at Goodgame Studios. Here we hire people that are great in communicating and collaborating. It is of great importance to us that every single employee can deliver impact to within the company.

Having the best talent is key to long-term success and growth, which is why about 100 people work in their HR department here. With a rich talent pool of 1100+ employees from over 50 nations, we are the largest German employer in the gaming software industry. We offer an environment conducive to creativity and innovation.

Goodgame Studios is where you can impact millions of users on the Internet, and have a blast while you’re at it! Goodgamers (as we call our employees) build experiences that are at the centre of the world’s free-to-play gaming industry.

Alan Dobie

Alan Dobie

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