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Complexity: How to streamline your business

Too much complexity and bureaucracy can hamper business agility and stifle innovation. Here, Ivan Seselj, founder and CEO of Promapp, looks at how to simplify operations.


Should you ditch the corporate dress code?

A third of UK workers say that businesses should ditch dress codes in the workplace as they find it outdated, but is it the way forward?

Growth Planning

Brits vs Americans: The transatlantic divide in work culture and earning potential

A new infographic reveals the similarities and differences between the UK and the USA in terms of work culture and earning potential.

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One in three UK workers stifled by rigid workplace culture

Today’s workers are looking for more autonomy and flexibility in their job roles. New research reveals that two in three employees want to have a greater say in the business and are seeking a better understanding of where they fit in. How can management address this?

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Becoming purposeful: what all big and small companies need to know

Can you scale up while still holding onto the "magic" that made your start-up so special? Radley Yeldar's Paulina Lezama writes.

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Should you add your employees on Facebook?

Is Facebook friend culture acceptable in the workplace?

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6 steps to instilling a quality-driven business culture

Menzies LLP's Martin Atkins outlines six ways to establish the right kind of workplace culture to get the most out of your employees.

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6 steps for boards to get to grips with corporate culture

Company culture is key to business success. Culture should be assessed, measured, engaged with and embedded into the business – even in the boardroom, writes Venetia Howes, past master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors.


CSR vs purpose: an evolution or different concept altogether?

Academic expert, Victoria Hurth, examines the difference between purpose and CSR, and the value of both in business

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Are we culturally predestined in business?

What does it take to succeed in China? Why do foreign companies struggle in the US? What does Brexit mean for UK exports? The answers to these fundamental questions for business growth may be embedded in our 'psychological genes'


Boosting profits and staff retention through a shared corporate vision

Motivating staff and building profits are the two main pillars of any successful business: is presenting a share corporate vision the way to master both?

Growth Planning

The modern rulebook: Putting purpose, vision and values at the heart of a business

A new digital openness means that businesses are more exposed than ever before: one positive this has produced is an increased focus on values and purpose, says Mel Wombwell from Grant Thornton.