Bad bosses: Poor management driving UK employees out of work

Bad bosses and poor management outranks poor pay, stress and commuting as biggest factor in people’s decision to quit.

Bad bosses and lousy leadership are the no.1 reason British employees are considering handing in their resignation, according to new research released today by Crunch Accounting. Almost half (45 per cent) of employees considering quitting named it as the biggest factor influencing their choice.

The research from Crunch Accounting involved surveying 1,000 UK employees to find the most infuriating habits of their bosses and managers – with answers ranging from bad breath and laziness, to favouritism.

Indecisive leaders with a lack of clear direction topped the list. This was followed by managers who are stingy with praise. Meddling micro-managers and bosses who love to shout also ranked highly.

A third of British workers (10.3 million ) are currently contemplating handing in their resignation and bad bosses topped the list of reasons why. Bad bosses outranked pay, stress and commuting amongst reasons why people are planning to hand in their resignation.

Darren Fell, CEO at Crunch Accounting, said, “Our research highlights the role strong leadership plays in retaining quality staff, with employees ranking it as more impactful to their workplace happiness than factors like pay and stress. But bad bosses are clearly affecting productivity and wellbeing across the UK, and many people are looking to escape an unhappy work situation.

“Interestingly, our research also revealed that the solution could already be under many people’s noses, with one-in-three believing their hobby could one day become their business. Whatever your motivation, at Crunch we’ve got all the support, advice and tools to help you become your own boss.”

Anyone thinking it’s time for a career change and considering setting up their own business should visit Crunch Accounting’s Get Started hub for advice on how to make it happen.

Fourteen most annoying habits of UK bosses:

● Lack of direction – 32 per cent

● Being indecisive – 21 per cent

● Never giving praise – 21 per cent

● Micro-managing – 20 per cent

● Never giving you a pay rise or bonus – 17 per cent

● Shouting at you – 17 per cent

● Clearly favours other colleagues – 15 per cent

● Undermines your work – 14 per cent

● Throws you under the bus to protect themselves – 12 per cent

● Is overpaid – 12 per cent

● Lazy – 11 per cent

● Never turning up – 10 per cent

● Bad breath – six per cent

● Tries to be your friend instead of your boss – four per cent

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