Growth Planning

A successful franchising idea is one that can be delivered as a cookie cutter model

Looking for high growth within your domestic market? Franchising provides a low-investment way ahead, says Ernst &Young's Dan Murphy. But remember, a successful franchising idea is one that can be delivered as a cookie cutter model - one that is easily packaged and replicated. Potential franchisees need to know what they are buying and quickly learn how to make it work.


Growing firms urged to report competitors

Anti-competitive practices are damaging the UK's growing businesses and the Office of Fair Trading is calling for them to fight back.

Legislation and Regulation

Patent or Perish – Developing an IP Protection Strategy

If you've invented a ground-breaking product that could fundamentally change a business process, you'll need to get a patent strategy. Without one, investors will shun you and commercial vultures may steal your idea.

Growth Planning

Letter from America

Marks & Spencer, Midland Bank, Pearson, Regus, Ferranti…major blue chip organisations with something in common. They have all made disastrous investments in the United States. So here’s my take on life in business America.


How my business was helped by a company mentor

Robert West founded Benchmark Scaffolding in 1995 with two friends, using £25,000 of redundancy money. Since then the business has grown rapidly and West expects turnover to reach around £10 million this year. A company mentor helped him reach this milestone.


Dodging business disaster

Hope and optimism can blind you to the realities of business problems. Time and cash can slip through your fingers, while you cling to the belief that your latest scheme will avert trouble, but all the time…


Alex Wilcox: Creating creation

Alex Wilcox was the buying and marketing director for The Conran Shop Group before co-founding creative agency The Nest in 1999 with £40,000. The business has grown from three to 40 employees and has a turnover of £3 million.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Email management systems

Independent car parts and accessories retailer Motor World, which has a turnover of over £50 million, previously needed eyes in the back of its head to manage the emails of its 900 employees spread across 227 branches.

Company Flotations

Shareholders Disputes – When shareholders go to war

Shareholder disputes can waste executive time, squander scarce cash resources and leave your business rudderless. If you are really unlucky, they can put you out of a job.


Winning ways

It’s a simple fact of life that for growing companies, the most important person is the one at the top. GrowthBusiness talks to four successful entrepreneurs in a bid to uncover the essence of their winning ways.


Back from the brink: TES 2000

Rapid growth can backfire if the right controls are not in place. Business XL talks to a company founder whose business has overcome administration and has asked for input as part of our Breakthrough Clinic.

Growth Planning

The ins and outs of business travel

Many growing businesses find it hard to structure their business travel expenses. Here, promotional marketing group The Communications Agency shares its experiences.