Growth Planning

5 key attributes to look for in an auto enrolment provider

Garry Crackle of Opt Pensions takes a look at five key considerations when looking to partner with an auto enrolment provider:


Lessons from Wimbledon: Why a healthy dose of competition is good for your career

Robert Half UK's Phil Sheridan on how some of the greatest Wimbledon champions have shown us that a healthy dose of competition is good for your career.


The UK’s high potential businesses REVEALED

The High Potential Business Awards took place on 22nd June at The Savoy, celebrating the achievements of outstanding growth businesses and the advisors and financiers that support them.

Financial Management

The living wage is more than worthwhile

The new national living wage is a step in the right direction, but the cost of living and job security are increasing concerns for the UK workforce


British exporters ‘sitting ducks’ to exchange rate fluctuations

UK businesses are doing more business overseas: but are they prepared for the extra challenges they are exposed to as a result?


Key considerations for long-term auto-enrolment compliance

We've heard so much about auto-enrolment over the past 12 months you would be forgiven for thinking the worst was over, but in truth for most small businesses the challenge is only just beginning: here's how to ensure you remain long-term compliant.

Financial Management

Overview of the benefits of hiring a commercial foreign exchange company

Understanding foreign exchange is as complex as ever: so is hiring a commercial foreign exchange partner the way forward?

Financial Management

Forecasting foreign exchange rate fluctuations

Hedging on foreign exchange rates can be a money-spinner for SMEs if done well: so how can you make sure you reap the benefits?

Financial Management

How will your business respond to changes in the foreign exchange market?

The currency market is the one of the most volatile trading platform in the world and exchange rates are in flux all day, every day. This can be bad news for businesses who import or export products or services overseas and need to trade their native currency for a foreign currency on a regular basis.

Financial Management

Countries with the highest global income tax rates

How do the tax rates in the UK compare to other countries? Would moving help your income tax affairs or hinder them?


Auto-enrolment: Are you one of the 500,000 extra businesses who need to comply?

As the Pension Regulator revises its forecast for businesses who need to comply with auto-enrolment: here's how to make sure you're compliant if you're now in the cross-hairs of the regulators.

Venture Capital Funding

Alternative foreign exchange service Revolut raises £1.5m through Balderton Capital

Fintech start-up joins Nutmeg, Zopa and Crowdcube in impressive Balderton stable.