Mobile working on the rise

One of the key benefits of a mobile office environment is increased productivity, as you can work at home, on the move, or even at client premises. Mobile devices also enable you to spend more time with your clients, customers and suppliers.

Growth Planning

Selling overseas

Sunderland-based computer software specialist Techtonik has seen its sales burgeon from £750,000 to £30 million.


Penny Streeter’s tough decisions at Ambition 24

The right decisions are not always the best ones, explains Penny Streeter, founder of Ambition 24. The company provides nurses and carers on a last-minute basis and has a turnover of over £50 million.


Fast, cool, classic cars

The super-exclusive, uber-exquisite and disgracefully expensive status car is the universal symbol of success. Everyone eventually succumbs to the allure of owning the smartest set of wheels money can buy.

Growth Planning

A cup of tea with…James McCreary

James McCreary is director of Young Enterprise London, a registered charity that aims to promote and develop entrepreneurship in schools, with the support of businesses and volunteers.

Growth Planning

Pockets full of cash

If you want to grow your business and need development capital, there’s lots available in 2004. Kim Benjamin talks to eight private equity houses and finds out where they are putting their money.

Venture Capital Funding

Grumpy old men

Seen it all before, understand all the problems, watched manifold disasters unravel in the past… does this remind you of anyone? Veteran venture capitalists.


Anne Glover: Leading lady

There’s a new hand on the tiller at the Old Boys’ Club (aka BVCA), the redoubtable Anne Glover.


On the up…Great Guns Marketing

Liz Jackson launched her telemarketing business, Great Guns Marketing in 1998 with £5,000 from the Prince’s Trust. The business now has a turnover of £1.5 million, and has grown more than 40 per cent each year.


Cally Affleck’s mail order coffee business Boaters: What I wish I’d known

Former air hostess Cally Affleck and her husband Richard set up mail order coffee business Boaters in 1989 with £1,000.

Exit Strategies

Company valuation snakes and ladders

Take two companies. Equal size, equal prospects. Yet one is valued twice as highly as the other. Why? And how do you ensure your company gets the highest valuation possible?

Growth Planning

Interview with Gerry Gordon of the Touchdown programme, helping UK firms expand into the US

Gerry Gordon is president of the Economic Development Authority in Fairfax County. It works together with UK Trade and Investment on the Touchdown programme, which helps UK firms to expand into the US.