Albion Ventures adds OmPrompt to its investment portfolio

A £2.5 million investment deal has been closed by OmPrompt so that the cloud-based customer management business can invest in sales and marketing.

Venture capital firm Albion Ventures has backed Oxfordshire-based OmPrompt and now sits alongside Shackleton Ventures as an equity supporter.

OmPrompt provides customer automation management tools for industries such as consumer goods, logistics and healthcare. As a cloud-based system, its platform simplifies supply chains by getting rid of human workarounds when transactional systems can’t deal with requirements from customers.

The £2.5 million it has now secured will go towards sales and marketing, with efforts to be made in forging partnerships with business process outsourcing and business process management parties.

John Wakeman, CEO of OmPrompt, comments, ‘We prove the benefits of our intelligent cloud every time we on-board a new name, our customers are a who’s who of global brands and we support their operations in 35 countries around the world.

‘Our direct sales approach, bolstered by strategic partnerships with BPMs, makes OmPrompt customer automation management the cloud-based solution that big companies engage with confidence.’

OmPrompt last secured investment capital in March 2009 when UK-based secondaries firm Shackleton Ventures acquired existing equity and loan interests from the business. That deal saw Shackleton secure a 49 per cent stake and the firm committed to invest a further £1 million of funds.

According to Albion, the firm has invested because of the scale its sees in the customer automation management service OmPrompt has developed.

Albion Ventures partner Robert Whitby-Smith adds, ‘We are delighted to support OmPrompt’s next phase of growth. Worldwide the integration broking space is a multi-billion dollar market and expanding.’

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