Who are the UK’s next unicorns?

Jobbio's Kirstie McDermott reveals where the next unicorns are coming and how the UK shapes up against other parts of the world

When it comes to the place that births the most unicorns – start-up companies that are privately held with a billion-dollar valuation (around £708m) – the United States still holds sway. A new study from payments company Tipalti has discovered that there are now 1,147 global unicorns and of those, 615, or just under 54 per cent, are from the U.S.

It’s not hard to understand why: easier access to VC funding, the existence of Silicon Valley with all the cachet and access it confers, plus the quality of technical graduates from universities such as MIT, Stanford and California Institute of Technology deliver a pipeline of talent to the industry, and are just three of the strengths underpinning its continued success.

Unicorns are, somewhat ironically, becoming less rare. Tipalti’s 2020 report stated that the U.S. was home to just 235 unicorns, which also helped the U.S maintain a 48 per cent global share that year. The 2022 figures mean that many other countries are also experiencing an uptick, including the UK.

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Already home to a number of unicorns, the UK can count the Scottish multinational brewery and pub chain Brewdog; Oaknorth, a bank for SMEs, providing business and property loans; Improbable Worlds Limited, which makes metaverse infrastructure and applications; Darktrace, which specialises in cyber-defence; and Graphcore, which makes semiconductors for AI and machine learning, among its billion-dollar successes.

The UK is in fourth place globally in unicorn output terms, coming in behind China and India in second and third places. This year, it has 43 unicorn companies, or just under 4 per cent of the global total.

Two years ago, that figure stood at 23 unicorns, indicating growth in the sector, but the big question is, who will be its next unicorn companies? Each year, Viva Technology seeks to answer this question with its Top 100 Next Unicorns list, where it categorises the 100 most promising scale-ups in Europe, including the UK and Israel.

This year, it identified 24 soonicorns, or futurecorns for the UK, among them cloud native banking platform 10x Banking; data privacy firm Privatar; Soldo, the multi-user expense account which companies use to manage their budgets; and Peak, which provides decision intelligence services. But it isn’t all tech companies Viva Technology is topping for billion dollar success: in the mix too are innovators such as Bloom & Wild, the popular online flower delivery platform, and delivery auction site Anyvan.

So why is the UK so good at unicorns? It far outranks Germany, which, despite having the largest economy in Europe, can only count 29 unicorns this year. Some experts believe there is a particular ecosystem at play; a mix of good universities, risk-tolerant financial institutions, plus a long history of banking, which has led to a particular rise in Fintech unicorns – the UK has 26, including Monzo and SaltPay.

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