What is Bitrix24 and how it can help your customer management

Bitrix24 guide to its CRM software and how it automates small business marketing and sales, helping your business run smoother, ultimately boosting revenue

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one solution to all your business needs. Our software boasts a huge array of essential tools for five key areas of your business, including communications, tasks and projects, CRM, a contact centre, and a website builder. This comprehensive approach fosters efficient and productive collaboration for your entire team, no matter its size.

How does Bitrix24 CRM work?

Bitrix24 CRM puts your customer at the heart of your business. It shows you the entire history of each client, from first contact, to sale, and beyond, allowing you to develop and nurture your relationship with the customer. With Bitrix24, you get the whole picture when it comes to customer interactions, sales activities, and lead management.

Our CRM comes with all the tools you need to automate marketing and sales, making running your business easier – and boosting revenue.

What are the main Bitrix24 CRM features?

Our CRM offers the following key features:

• Marketing automation
With tools such as SMS and email marketing, you can nurture prospects and move them quickly from leads to deals. Create rules and triggers to navigate clients through and between sales funnels.
• Omni-channel communication
Bitrix24 CRM comes with all the necessary tools to maintain effective communication with your clients, including email, calls, texts, live chat, social networks and messengers. This 360-degree approach means you can always meet customers where they’re at, and they can connect with your company in the way that works best for them. It also allows you to run just about any type of marketing campaign, from email marketing to voice broadcasting, capturing as many leads as possible.
• Customer contact centre
Support your customers and keep them happy round the clock with a contact center that features all the communication channels mentioned above.
• Sales analytics
Our Sales Intelligence provides detailed reports for your marketing campaigns and channels. Determine which traffic source is the most successful with Advertising ROI and see sales conversion rates in the Traffic Report. You also get access to each manager’s progress with an easy-to-read table, meaning you can identify where your team may be struggling and ensure they get the support they need.
• Reports and sales pipelines
Keep track of your sales targets and see how many deals every stage of a pipeline has.
• Invoices inside CRM
You can process payments inside the CRM and generate quotes and invoices from deals. Bitrix24 supports all major payment systems, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.
• Lead tracking and web forms
Add web forms to your website and access lead information from the CRM.
• A mobile app
With the BItrix24 mobile app (available on every mobile device) you can take your customer management to the next level, keeping clients within arm’s reach and allowing you to manage those all-important deals on the go.

Most of features are available in our free price plan, with our commercial plans providing unlimited access to all of the advanced business tools.

Why does Bitrix24 CRM have the edge over other CRM platforms?

There are many reasons why our six million (and growing) companies have chosen Bitrix24 CRM. We offer free or low-cost CRM with a huge amount of advantages, namely:

• Comprehensive solution
Our software provides the most comprehensive solution out there – no other software offers as full a package as Bitrix24. With us, not only do you get an omnichannel CRM, you also get a contact centre, a huge range of communication tools for interaction with customers and within teams, all the tools you could need for carrying out tasks and projects, and even a website builder. You essentially get everything you could need when it comes to running a business.
• Free version
The best thing about all of this is our pricing. First, most of the tools we offer are available in our free plan, which provides more than enough for most businesses. Should you need more features, you can try out the free version of our software before investing your hard-earned cash.
• Predicable pricing
You have full transparency in terms of cost – all of our prices are for the entire package – not per-user – which means you never have to worry about costs increasing as your company grows. With Bitrix24 you get predictable pricing with no additional fees. Our pricing is completely transparent, and you can pick the plan that suits your business’ needs. And with the (very affordable) professional plan, you get access to absolutely all the tools our software has to offer.
• Self-hosted data protection
Bitrix24 is also great solution for those concerned with data protection. We offer both cloud and on-premise (self-hosted) versions, so you can try out our cloud solution and, if you should so choose, you can transfer everything to your own servers.

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