Timepiece lessons from the most influential people

Here's how young entrepreneurs can make an impression with their wristwatch.

If you’re a celebrity, you can probably afford to wear expensive watches from brands like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, or Audemars Piguet. These are well-known brands in rich communities, making them an easy pick if you’re part of such a community.

However, if you’re a young entrepreneur that’s more interested in wearing a watch that is less conspicuous and opulent but still makes a good impression, you’re probably going to want to go for something like Citizen, Timex, Seiko, or Police watches. These and other brands are accessible on the online stores such as Tic Watches.

You should keep in mind that your timepiece is more than just an instrument that tells you the current time and date. It is also an instrument that paints a picture of who you are and what your business philosophy is. A first impression is exceptionally important in business. Especially when it’s the first impression of a potential customer or an investor.

Opulence isn’t always well received by the public. A good example for this is the moment Tom Perkins was trying to defend the rich against the Occupy Wall Street movement. Unfortunately for him, he was trying to do so on television while wearing a $380,000 Richard Mille watch. It’s hard to prove a point that would come to aid the rich when you’re boasting a watch that’s more expensive than most people’s homes.

However, just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you have to wear the most expensive watches. The billionaire’s club members aren’t always opulent:

Bill Gates

It’s no secret that Bill Gates is both one of the richest and most humble men on the planet. With a net worth of over $90 billion, Gates is one of the biggest tech moguls of the century, having founded Microsoft. Recently, he has been spotted wearing a $17 watch from Casio. That’s not something you’d expect from a billionaire, is it?

To be fair, Gates did found Microsoft with the idea of bringing computers in everyone’s homes. He could only achieve this by making them affordable and accessible. Moreover, even if a watch is an important addition to everyone’s wardrobe, Gates makes it clear that the watch you’re wearing doesn’t have to be expensive in order to make a good first impression.

Richard Branson

An entrepreneur who’s always young at heart, Richard Branson has fathered multiple companies. Branson’s most notable success is Virgin Group, a multinational conglomerate that has more than 30 subsidiaries in 15 different industries. In a recent article published in The Wall Street Journal, Branson talked about acquiring a watch from Torgoen, a Swiss watch company specialised in creating timepieces for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The watch retails at around $320, putting it into a more reasonably priced group. However, it’s still an accessible brand for entrepreneurs who want an exquisite watch on their wrist.

Roman Abramovich

Another completely unexpected watch on the wrist of a billionaire is the Polar M61 worn by Russian steel giant, Roman Abramovich. He was spotted multiple times wearing the $140 watch that was specially designed for athletes. Abramovich, who is the owner of football club Chelsea FC, is known for owning opulent assets, including Eclipse – the world’s second largest private yacht. Nevertheless, Abramovich shows that just because you can afford to buy something that is expensive, you don’t have to wear it around your wrist on a regular basis. A simple watch is capable of offering the same functionalities as a luxurious one.

Sometimes it’s better to go for something simple yet practical. A pragmatic approach is exhibited by a large number of successful business people. Having the right amount of common sense and pragmatism throughout your business life will have a great impact on your company and the people involved in its success.

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