The advantages of working from home

Employees who work from home, or even in remote locations, could actually be happier with their careers, as we find out in this piece.

There are more perks to working from home than spending all day in your pyjamas and avoiding dreaded tea rounds – although they’re still high on the perks list!

Employees who work from home, or even in remote locations, could actually be happier with their careers than those who have to go into an office to prove they’re not slacking off. Apart from being particularly beneficial to your health and stress levels, working from home can benefit your employer too…


Distractions like loud-coworkers, spontaneous meetings and office gossip become a thing of the past when you leave the office environment. You’ll be able to achieve a lot more in the same amount of time without the likes of Debra asking everyone if they watched the soaps last night.

Cost efficient

With less employees in one environment, companies won’t spend as much on office space or operating costs like supplies and technology. Plus you’ll get to save on transport and of course, a work wardrobe – hello comfort!

Employee loyalty

Staff see greater flexibility as a great perk, it’s on many wishlists! It enables you to work wherever and whenever it suits them, no matter the circumstance, plus employers get to work with the best of the best. Employees working from home are far less likely to quit, meaning the company gets greater employee retention.


Forget saving the pounds for petrol/public transport because you no longer need to deal with the daily commute! This journey cuts into time that could be spent working or doing something more productive – you’ll also be helping to reduce the carbon footprint at the same time.


With getting that extra bit of sleep now you don’t have to commute, you’re bound to feel more motivated for work. How about swapping the time you spent stuck in traffic to add some exercise into your routine? Go for a run or install a home gym (remember to consult residential home buying solicitors before altering your home).

Social life

It’s not just your work life that benefits when you set up shop at home. Working from home make sound a bit antisocial, but having this flexibility actually allows you to be more social with work colleagues and friends! Being able to work on your own time means you’ll never miss out on a special occasion again.

Sick days

Unsurprisingly, employees who work from home tend to take fewer sickness absence days than those who’re office based. That’s because you can still get work done at home when you have a cold or are mildly sick, while office workers are more inclined to take to a day off and to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Adding to this, the better work-life balance means that home workers have less of a chance of getting ill in the first place as their stress levels are usually lower!

So with all these benefits, why are we still working the 9 to 5?

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