Working from home

Human Resources

What do remote first companies offer employees?

Some employers are finding their demands for office attendance are often being ignored in favour for a remote-first approach.

Cyber Security

Cyber security – keeping staff secure when working from home

In partnership with the UK Domain, we explore cyber security and how to keep your business data safe while your staff work from home

Cyber Security

5 ways your business can reinforce homeworking cybersecurity

Keeping your business safe while more of us are working from home has never been more imporant. Gregg Knowles of Plan.com shares 5 tips to improve your homeworking cybersecurity

Human Resources

The advantages of working from home

Employees who work from home, or even in remote locations, could actually be happier with their careers, as we find out in this piece.

Human Resources

Festive hacks: How to nail working from home this Christmas

Six ways to stay on top of your productivity game when working from home this Christmas.


Revealed: Where the UK’s most tired commuters catch the train

Research ranks the UK’s top 20 most sleep deprived train stations, with London Bridge station having the most tired passengers in the UK.


Five tips on how to bill back your home as part of your business

Working from home might be a dream for some people, but can offer plenty of pitfalls to consider. Here is how you can bill back your time spent working at home.