The ten secrets to offline marketing success

Offline marketing is psychological advertising that works. There are whole institutes and modules for degree courses that tackle the issue of outdoor marketing. So what are the rules?

From leaflets landing on doormats to posters at bus stops and tube stations, offline marketing is everywhere. It is the backdrop to everyday life and although it may not look like anyone is taking any notice as they rush past to their next appointment or on their commute home, the logos, the colours, the messages are being seen.

But some offline marketing campaigns are more successful than others. You don’t want people to just ‘see’ your poster and ignore it. You want people to understand it and soak up the information within a blink of an eye. It can be done…

But it takes more than just a few words on a poster to attract attention or a standard image from a stock photo agency.

The reasons why some campaigns are more successful than others are many and varied. Colour Graphics, an online design and print agency, have seen many changes in the last 20 years and they have the answers to turning a dull campaign into a vibrant, successful one.

Secrets revealed

They have created and are sharing ten rules to successful offline marketing so that no matter how big or small your business, whatever you choose to spend on your next offline marketing campaign, it will be a success.

These rules form part of your offline marketing strategy – because you have one of them, right?! – and thus, no matter who your customer demographic is, no matter what the objective of your campaign is, any offline marketing material you use will be a success.

Are you sure you really know how to;

  • Add value to your offline marketing tools with images and well-chosen graphics?
  • Create a campaign that speaks volumes to your customers?
  • Develop a truly individual campaign that carries your brand voice?
  • Use colour effectively?
  • Choose the font that complements your campaign, your product or service AND your brand?

Reap the rewards

No matter how big or small your marketing budget, it needs to create a return on investment that encourages and supports business growth. Whether this by generating more leads and enquiries, or sending customers rushing through your door at your next seasonal sale, an offline marketing campaign still has the power to reach, engage and convert people into customers.

But only if you truly utilise its power by avoiding common, but fatal mistakes. And so, with this in mind, before your next offline marketing campaign take a look at the ten rules for offline marketing from Colour Graphics and make your campaign hard to ignore.

Owen Gough

Owen Gough

Owen Gough is a reporter for He has a background in small business marketing strategies and is responsible for writing content on subjects ranging from small business finance to technology...

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