Tech Innovators 2015: ESeller Express

ESeller Express are one of our top 20 tech innovators for 2015

ESeller Express are one of our top 20 tech innovators for 2015


Presenter: Neel Shah

Job title: Managing Director

Based in: London

Founded in: 2014

No. of Employees: 4

Neel Shah

Neel is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience spanning a variety of industry sectors including technology, finance, retail and fast-food. He has strong managerial, financial and operational skills and is able to think out of the box. He has a passion for technology and strives for excellence in everything he does.

Recent Milestones

  • Product is well developed and undergoing testing in beta
  • Execution of well defined marketing plan has been commenced

Upcoming Milestones

  • Strengthening of the team: sales & marketing and development team
  • Establishment of an affiliate / partnerships program
  • Development of an API to allow 3rd parties to integrate with core system quickly and easily – a more diverse range of integrations will create more customer opportunities

Background Profile

Ecommerce revenues continue to grow at substantial rates globally with an increasing number of SME’s seeking to participate in the market. 

This introduces a variety of new challenges that need to be overcome. ESeller Express provides a ready-to-go solution to address some of these challenges.

Recent Technology

The system is cloud based and highly scalable. The entire application has been written in house and the IP therefore resides in the company. 

Modularised system components enable rapid development of applications for other markets & verticals.


Core product aimed at SME sector engaged in multi channel commerce. 

Offers a significant cost advantage as compared to developing proprietary solutions.

Opportunities to develop additional products targeting specific market verticals using same core


Currently in early stage negotiations to develop alliances with a number of complementary but non-competing businesses.

White labeled solution in early stages of development and expected to be available within a few weeks.


  • SEIS / EIS pre-approved – offers significant tax advantages and risk mitigation
  • 200k investment in current round of which 25k pledged
  • Huge market potential; opportunity to develop a residual revenue stream
  • As market matures there are likely to be acquisition and consolidation opportunities
  • Forecasts based on very conservative growth forecasts

Contact details

Postal address: Devonshire House, 582 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, HA7 1JS

Tel: 0330 660 0253



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Praseeda Nair

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