Tech Innovators 2013: Moixa Technology

Cleantech entrepreneur Simon Daniel is never short of an innovative idea, and his Moixa Technology business is making waves in the energy storage market.

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Moixa Technology


Based in: London

Founded in: 2010

No. of employees: 7-10

Company founder: Simon Daniel

Founder profile:

Simon Daniel is CEO and founder of Moixa Group, inventing advanced mobile and energy technologies, with over a dozen US patents. He previously invented and licensed a 2-million-selling folding PDA keyboard, and launched the award-winning USBCELL reusable battery. Daniel holds an MA in physics from Cambridge University and was previously a senior manager/technology evangelist at Accenture.

Background business profile:

Moixa is a pioneer of distributed energy storage and Smart DC for powering peak load DC demand from DC lighting, electronics and computing. With the projected growth in DC demand (e.g. IoT), and growing distributed energy generation, Moixa technology creates an assured peak reduction and resilience, and improves the economics of deploying grid-scale storage.

Inside track:

Moixa Technology and Simon Daniel are not strangers to regular GrowthBusiness readers – with Daniel having had a regular column for the last couple of years.

Having been very successful at accessing research and development credits and Technology Strategy Board grants for low carbon innovation, Moixa Technology is making good headway in the cleantech market.

The business is at the forefront of the energy storage market but faces ‘fierce competition’ at on the bulk storage side of things.

When quizzed on whether it is hard to constantly stay innovative in a competitive sector, Daniel says it comes naturally to him.

‘We’ve reduced filing new patents on non-core activities due to cost and bandwidth. Although I have a growing backlog of innovations to do in sectors as diverse as nano assembly or putting out forest or skyscraper fires, it will happen when funding arrives.’

The funding Daniel is hoping to secure for Moixa in the not too distant future will be used to support extended customer and market trials as well as building the commercial team and international development.

‘Whilst it’s early market days for our MASLOW system, since it helps prevent power cuts, balance wind/solar, and reduce peak price and customer bills, it’s pretty clear that over the next year we will see increased relevance of these drivers,’ Daniel says explaining the next 12 months.

‘Our goal is to transform the energy market in the UK, and then partner on roll-out internationally.’

Recent milestones:

  • Moixa Technology was awarded a Phase 1 contract from DECC and has submitted a plan to build a 1.2MWh distributed energy storage demonstrator of its MASLOW system
  • It recently won several Technology Strategy Board grants and projects to integrate systems into commercial buildings
  • The business gained initial patents on its Smart DC technology in January from its 2008 patent applications
  • Moixa has created a London Showcase at Arcola Theatre, showing DC LED lighting integrated with distributed storage across a large commercial site

Upcoming milestones:

  • DECC Phase 2 award decision (July)
  • Beta trial customer release of MASLOW systems

Recent technology:

  • MASLOW – distributed energy system for powering peak-load DC demand, charging off-peak or from local renewable resources, to meet essential consumer and utility needs
  • For utilities and network operators, MASLOW’s network of distributed storage can be used in aggregate to balance local and national demands, and enable smart meter tariffs to deliver impact


  • Our DECC Phase 2 demonstrator involves partnerships with Kiwi Power, Good Energy, AVC NextGen, Northern Power Grid and battery companies such as Aquion Energy
  • The company is reviewing international partner/channel opportunities


  • Founder controlled/invested, together with high net worth/angel investors
  • Significant prior project (R&D grant) awards from the Technology Strategy Board and the EU
  • Exploring new investment from £1 million (summer), £5 million+ in six to 12 months

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Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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