Venture Capital Funding

VC interview: Patrick Reeve, managing partner of Albion Capital

The managing partner of Albion Capital explains what businesses should look for when seeking investment.

Venture Capital Funding

VCTs and EIS remain popular and valuable for businesses and investors

An article from Eliot Kaye, Investment Director at Puma Investments, explores why VCT and EIS schemes remain popular for business funding.


Rule changes unlikely to halt the momentum of VCTs

Paul Latham, Managing Director of Octopus Investments, explains why recent changes to legislation shouldn't be misinterpreted as a lack of support for VCTs themselves.

Growth Planning

How VCTs are funding the growth of British start-ups

Once traditionally the finance of choice for lower mid-market buy-out businesses, Alex Macpherson, head of the ventures team at Octopus Investments, explains how his funds are now backing enterprising and dynamic younger firms.


EIS and VCT marketing restrictions escape the chop of the FCA

Growth company financing has received a boost following the announcement that the promotion of Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts will not be banned.


Autobiography service backed by Octopus Investments

Octopus Investments has made a commitment from its Titan VCT funds in autobiography business LifeBook.


EIS and VCT changes get green light from EU

Growth businesses in the UK are set to benefit from a more incentivised system for investors after the government received EU backing for its EIS and VCT changes.


VCTs: the good, the bad and the ugly

The venture capital trust (VCT) industry is still haunted by the spectre of tax dodging.


Happy Days gets leg-up from ISIS

ISIS Equity Partners has made an investment in Happy Days Consultancy Group through the Baronsmead VCTs, its second transaction through the funds of 2012.


Quick fundraising for Baronsmead VCTs

The fundraising for Baronsmead's four venture capital trusts has raised £16.54 million after becoming fully subscribed 18 days after its launch.


VCTs produce strong showing in 2011

Half of the top ten performing investment companies in 2011 were VCTs, despite the sector being down as a whole by 3 per cent compared to 2010.


Baronsmead VCTs set to raise £16.5 million

ISIS Equity Partners is seeking a total of £16.5 million to grow its four Baronsmead venture capital trusts (VCTs).