Why tech-led innovators should focus on creating a sustainable economy

Tech innovators have the opportunity to propel the UK's position as a global start-up hub. But a lot of it hinges on putting long-term growth first. IP firm Withers & Rogers' chairman, Karl Barnfather writes.


€6m project demonstrates sustainable production process for green compound

Italian firms, Bio-on and Sadam Group launch a €6m project to demonstrate how a crucial green compound can be produced sustainably, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Growth Planning

Sustainable business the answer to the broken economy

A new report reveals that the next ten years will be critical for businesses, including opening 60 key market “hot spots,” tackling social and environmental challenges, and rebuilding trust with society.

Growth Planning

Eight strategies to green your business

Here are eight ways to grow your business sustainably, starting with thinking about sustainability as a core business requirement


​​​Sustainability at its core: Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee has been shortlisted as SME of the Year in the High Potential Business Awardswith reason. Steven Macatonia speaks to GrowthBusiness on the ethically sourced coffee company's business journey.


Low emission Tesla cabs hit London streets

Taxi booking service, Minicabit introduced eco-friendly Tesla cabs to its platform today, urged by consumer demand.


From infantry to saving trees: Angus McPherson’s journey to the environmental sector

When infantry officer Angus McPherson left the military he joined a growing number of professionals choosing a career in the environmental sector: an area that is rapidly becoming the career change of choice.


Loowatt looks to music festivals for growth of its waterless and energy-generating toilet

Tackling two big global problems in sanitation and energy generation, Loowatt tells GrowthBusiness all about the novel technology.


Kevin McCloud’s environmental development business raises £1.9 million on Crowdcube

TV designer Kevin McCloud has taken to crowdfunding to raise money for his sustainable housing development company Hab Housing, and netted £1.9 million.


Government pledges an additional £800 million for the UK Green Investment Bank

The UK Green Investment Bank has had an extra £800 million added to its coffers, to go with the £3 billion announced in November 2012.

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Trailblazing sustainability pioneer Ecology Building Society ready for retrofit push

In 1980, a Yorkshire solicitor spoke up at a Green Party conference regarding the difficulty in finding a mortgage for a property needing extensive renovation – the result was the Ecology Building Society.


Innovation, progress and leadership in new energy and cleantech

Alex Blackburne, editor of sustainable investment magazine Blue & Green Tomorrow, looks back at the New Energy & Cleantech Awards and forward to the future of sustainability.