Sustainable start-ups earn a 15% premium

Start-ups with a poor sustainability track record could see their valuation reduce by up to 4%


Green business tips from Deborah Meaden 

Deborah Meaden shared three top tips for any start-up founder who wants to run a green business at the SME XPO in London.  


VC investment in UK companies falls by a third

Venture capital investment into UK businesses falls by one third in final quarter of 2022, seeing the lowest level of investment since Q2 2020


Hambro Perks to invest £200m on environmental impact scale-ups

London-based VC to invest £10m-£20m in 12 to 15 scale-ups tackling environmental problems


Key trends driving success in the diamond industry

MD of London Diamonds speculates on the trends driving the diamond industry and its future success


The imperfect diamonds becoming all the rage | James Sanders

James Sanders discusses how the diamond market is developing and why imperfect diamonds are becoming increasingly popular


Top 5 companies delivering a sustainable pandemic recovery

Innovative companies are key to sustainable economic recovery post pandemic, according to Innovate UK’s Jonny Voon. Here are his top 5 sustainable businesses leading the charge…


4 ways to embed sustainability into your start-up

Vala Capital is only investing in companies that have embraced sustainability, says Jasper Smith. But how can you go about embedding environmental and social good in your new business?


Conduit launches EIS Impact Fund for firms with sustainable goals

The Conduit EIS Impact Fund helps to support and scale impact-driven companies while allowing investors to build diverse portfolios.

Alternative Finance for Business

Vala Capital launches £20m EIS fund for sustainable start-ups

Vala Capital launches the Vala Sustainable Growth EIS targeting small companies focused on sustainable solutions  


How vehicle tracking can help achieve your business sustainability goals

Sita Saueregger, global marketing director at Masternaut explains how tracking your fleet can help show that your business cares about the environment.

Growth Planning

Sustainable urban property: Why this market matters

As the world's population increases, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers are turning to innovative solutions to accommodate city dwellers and reap the rewards of a growing international market.