Skills crisis: Can you use internal resources to plug the gaps?

Most people agree we are on the verge of a skills crisis: so how can organisations help themselves by using their internal resources?


UK entry-level candidates way behind European counterparts for basic skills

Financial bosses lament lack of basic skills among school-leavers.

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How business should work with education to release potential

The lack of an effective partnership between education and business has long been mooted as a problem: so has OCR come up with a way to solve the puzzle?


How to close the skills gap and propel small businesses’ growth in 2015

What will be the biggest challenges faced by SMEs in 2015? 


Employee Ownership Pilot makes £150 million pot available to businesses

A government initiative has been announced that will allow businesses to bid for a share of a £150 million pot to create the training schemes they need to grow their companies.

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Training issues

Four years ago, Lord Leitch was tasked with assessing the nation’s skills to see how well placed we were to compete in the global economy.

Growth Planning

Decision Time:  Zeger Degraeve

Zeger Degraeve, professor of decision sciences at London Business School, discusses the trick of making the right decision the first time.


Do graduates lack key skills?

Graduate job vacancies are anticipated to rise by a staggering 14.6 per cent over the next 12 months, although employers have lingering concerns relating to the difficulty of filling these positions, or so new research from the Association of Graduate Recruiters suggests.

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SMEs get help with skills gap

A shortage of skilled workers is predicted to cause headaches for UK small and medium-sized businesses, according to research from the Department for Education & Skills. However, help could be at hand from the academic world.

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Developing staff skills

Are you having trouble finding staff with the right skills-set for your business? If so, you are not alone. Figures from the British Chamber of Commerce show a 50 per cent increase in the number of employers reporting difficulties recruiting staff with the right skills.