Employers embrace support for over-50s to harness their valuable skills

In an era where ageism has been a significant concern in the workplace, a groundbreaking report by Aviva, one of the UK's foremost insurance and retirement companies, brings refreshing news.


Why employees resist sharing new ideas with teams

New academic research shows that employees aren't working in teams as much as they could be.


Inspiring future of STEM students today could cut the UK skills deficit

Here, Mary Hunter, managing director of digital business services provider Columbus UK, discusses how can businesses team up with the education system to help develop children on the path towards a STEM career and grow the UK talent pool.


Makers Academy’s Evgeny Shadchnev on diversity in tech

Makers' Academy CEO Evgeny Shadchnev is in the business of transforming lives through his three-month intensive 'learn to code' courses. Here's why diversity in tech is a key driver for his vision.


Is the digital skills gap now at a critical point?

A new study by the STEM Foundation reveals that the digital skills gap has widened to a critical point. 


Britain’s STEM skills gap: are teachers on their own?

Britain's STEM skills gap: last week's A-level results revealed a strong uptake in STEM subjects, but teachers need the support of businesses and the government to see real change.


Tapping into top tech talent: Is the UK struggling with internal openness?

With Brexit not far off, how can business leaders ensure the UK continues to retain and attract top talent? Adecco's Federico Vione explores.


Fancy ditching the nine to five? What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Many people dream of setting up their own business and becoming an entrepreneur, but what skills will you actually need to get started?


Do you have the skills needed to be an entrepreneur?

Do you have the skills needed to become an entrepreneur and take your business to success? Here are the skills you need.


Alleviating the IT skills shortage

Filemaker's David Head explains how democratising IT can help alleviate the looming skills shortage.


​The lost generation of digital natives

A report released on Monday outlined the severity of the UK's digital skills gap: around 12.6 million UK adults lack basic digital skills. A global study of the online generation, however, pegs the nation as tenth in the world, with over 7 million 'digital natives' in our midst.

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The UK’s immigration policy will exascerbate skills shortages

Government changes to immigration policy are in danger of intensifying the country's skill crisis, argues a leading migration expert.