Articles on improving productivity, with guides on how to  optimise processes, leverage technology, and empower employees to work smarter.


Promoting health and wellbeing through workplace culture and design

The productivity puzzle is a very tough one to solve: but can improving workplace wellbeing be a major step in the right direction? Nigel Crunden from Office Depot explains.

Growth Planning

Top tips for finding and creating the perfect working environment

Olly Olsen, Co-CEO of The Office Group, provider of flexible design-led office space, talks about what to consider when searching for an office and how the right working environment can help boost productivity.


The happiness revolution: Turning workplace wellbeing into business success

Saurav Chopra, CEO and co-founder of Perkbox, discusses why workplaces should evolve to put employees first.


Bad work habits costing SMEs one month of work per year 

Addressing bad habits in the workplace could drastically increase productivity in the workplace, claims report by Sage.

Human Resources

Getting things done: Three action models to increase productivity

How can you build a model for effectively prioritising actions and making the most efficient use of your time? This exclusive extract from David Allen's book 'Getting Things Done' should help.


How to make the most of the home office

How can you arrange your home office to increase your output? Discover the best ways to make your home a powerhouse for productivity.


Fighting workplace procrastination

Nina Grunfeld, self-help guru and Founder of Life Clubs at Work, worked with the UK's leading P2P platform, RateSetter, to explore the impact of workplace procrastination and the effects on employees and businesses.


Report moots productivity as key to sustaining global growth

McKinsey & Company research explores ways to stimulate global economy.


The excess of office productivity tools and cloud services can be counter-productive

Gone are the days when you could rely on a nice bundle of Microsoft Office tools to be adequate.

Human Resources

Reinventing the lunch hour to lift productivity

We've all experienced the 'thrill' of lunch on the go: a quick salad at your desk or half-eaten sandwich dashing between meetings. But what benefit does a dedicated lunch hour bring to the day, and can it mean the difference between a lethargic unproductive afternoon and a turbo-charged second half of the day?

Human Resources

Using online workers to boost productivity of SMEs

The balance between wanting to take on new work whilst not increasing staff overheads too much is an issue for many SMEs. Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, looks at the benefit of online workers and how they can reduce the strain.


End-of-year dip in productivity

Productivity among UK workers dipped slightly in the final quarter of last year, although the level has increased year-on-year, official statistics reveal.