Northern Powerhouse

Venture Capital Funding

Northern Gritstone on track to raising £500m fund for northern universities

Fund has found backing for its first £100m with another £300m in discussion, enabling it to back two dozen northern university spinouts a year


B-North to open national small business bank by end-2020

B-North plans to open network of eight offices across England, combining face-to-face lending with cutting-edge technology

Venture Capital Funding

What is Foresight Group? – a Growth Business guide

Foresight Group, the London-headquartered private equity and infrastructure investment house, has a portfolio of over 70 investees in its venture capital and private equity division in British SMEs with an AUM of over £470 million. Partner James Livingston tells Growth Business what he is looking for in a potential investment


What is the British Business Bank? – a Growth Business guide

The British Business Bank is the UK’s economic development bank supporting nearly 8m businesses through £6bn of finance. Growth Business takes you through all the funding initiatives on offer


My 6-point plan for enhancing regional funding across Britain

Efforts to boost regional funding in Britain have concentrated too much on big cities


Why the Northern Powerhouse is good for unicorns

A new report examines the potential for billion-dollar British business in northern England to grow from foals to unicorns from now till 2020.


Budget 2016: northern power-what?

Northern businesses are left unimpressed despite Chancellor George Osborne's infrastructure updates and support for further devolution.


Connectivity: Fixing the weakest link of the Northern Powerhouse

George Osborne's Northern Powerhouse continues to win attention: but what practically needs to be done to ensure it's a success?


Is the “Northern Powerhouse” really fuelling business growth?

If you follow business of politics at all you can't have failed to hear the term Northern Powerhouse: but is the rhetoric converting into action that benefits business in the region?


Working ‘The northern way’ driving collaboration between online businesses in North-West

Reg Rix from high-growth Manchester company Carfinance247 talks to Growth Business about how things are shaping up in the Northern Powerhouse.


How SMEs are making a home in the Northern Powerhouse

Craig Donnelly, director at Boxes2Move, discusses the Northern Powerhouse and how the government’s commitment to rebalancing the UK’s economy could make the North a more attractive prospect to small businesses.