PR and Marketing Strategy

Employer branding: Millennials don’t just want to work for money

Scientific reports show that a brand with a social purpose is more likely to keep its employees happier and motivated.

PR and Marketing Strategy

How to create a restaurant concept that will be a success with millennials

A survey recently found that millennials are generally pickier about the restaurants they choose to eat at and how they make decisions about where to eat. With that in mind, we take a look at how you can make a restaurant that resonates with millennials.

Human Resources

Status first: Why Millennials are more likely to take up C-suite roles

Research into the views and values of the UK’s future leaders has revealed how the C-Suite is set to change under Millennial leadership.

Human Resources

Oldsters vs Millennials: Stop moaning and start talking

"Is it really the millennials who have the problem, or is it us and the weak way we manage them?" asks straight-talking career and recruitment expert, and author of Mind Flip, Zena Everett

Human Resources

3 tips from Simon Sinek on managing millennial employees

Managing millennials in the office can be tough for business owners. Here are three tips from Simon Sinek to help you manage.

Human Resources

How to encourage your millennial staff to pick up the phone

Telecommunications are one of the most important parts of a modern business, but research shows millennials are reluctant to pick up the phone.

Human Resources

Will millennials and Gen Z rule the workforce by 2020?

Here's a look at what makes the youngest segment of the workforce, millennials and Gen Z, tick.


MiDrive: Driving British millennials on the road to success

MiDrive's mission is to re-invent learner driving with technology, engaging millennials to cut the costs on passing their test.


10 millennial entrepreneurs shaking up their industries

Here's a look at some millennials disrupting traditional industries around the world, from healthcare to education, and how they got started.

Human Resources

How to recruit and retain millennial employees

Here's how to get the best talent among the generation of job-hoppers.

Social Media

Mancunian social media marketing agency speaks ‘Millennialese’, raises $2m

Social Chain will take its approach towards influencer marketing to Germany this spring.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Harnessing big data to market to Millennials

Paul Black, CEO of sales-i, discusses how embracing Big Data can help you reach out to, and engage with, millennials.