Lessons From An Entrepreneur

Articles and interviews with entrepreneurs, sharing the valuable experiences and insights they have gained from the journey of starting, growing, and managing a business.


IoT and insurtech: How Homeserve is shaking up the market

HomeServe Labs MD Craig Foster speaks to GrowthBusiness on growing one of the first movers in the home assistance market, and how the business evolved to solve the biggest problems facing insurtech.


Turning information into knowledge: Signal Media using AI in media

The demand for high-quality, instant content has never been higher, with organisations struggling to keep up. Signal Media is here to clean up the mess.


From Google to start-up: Why I’ve never looked back

Google veteran Gustav Holst Stuge shares how he used his past experiences to build and grow his insuretech start-up InMyBag.


HOWND: Mark Hirschel and Jo Amit on growing a cruelty-free brand

Founders of HOWND, a cruelty-free, 100 per cent vegan line of pet care products, talk about managing their rapid growth, despite facing an unexpected obstacle just as they started to take off: a trademark challenge.


How saying no helped Lee Lomax build Beem

Contrary to pop psychology lauding entrepreneurs to say yes to everything, Lee Lomax believes that saying no at the right time helped him start and grow his start-up, Beem, into a global, venture-backed business it is today.


Why pivoting is part of the entrepreneurial mindset

Jean-Michel Cambot is a serial inventor best known for heading up the first French tech company to IPO on Nasdaq. Now he has built a new class of decision-making tools with his start-up Tellmeplus. Here's how he pivoted TWICE for business success.


Boom25: Disrupting affiliate marketing with cash-back for customers

CEO of Boom25, Giora Mandel, explains more about how Boom25 works for their customers and their growth plans for the future.


Why Silas Adekunle’s MekaMon robots are primed to take over the world of gaming

MekaMon is the brainchild of Reach Robotics, a Bristol-based start-up headed up by CEO Silas Adekunle. Here's how these gaming bots are changing the way gamers interact with the world.


Special objects for all: growing an online auction business with Catawiki

Developing an online auction site into the large and still-growing, Frank Pon explains the growth of Catawiki.


Nuuk finds a niche in crowdfunding

Here's how Lina Gantar and Luka Cvikl started their business, Nuuk, in 2015, to help start-up raising investment on crowdfunding platforms.


Why Jerry Brand relies on ‘CLICK’: Creativity, leadership, impact, confidence and knowledge

Jerry Brand has a lot under his belt; a booming transatlantic contract catering business, a successful retail company Russell & Brand, a restaurant chain, a late-career MBA, an eProcurement company, a registered charity for entrepreneurs, and more. He talks to us about what keeps him going from strength to strength.

Alternative Finance for Business

Crowdfunding lessons from The Funky Iron Company’s Joe Sillett

The Funky Iron Company exceeded its crowdfunding targets in both rounds on Seedrs. Here, founder and CEO Joe Sillett shares his experience with the crowd, and his top tips.