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European expansion: is it right for your business?

The six-point checklist for expanding into Europe. Xanthe Vaughan Williams writes.


Expanding into Europe

Lucinda Davies, General Manager at Sofas by Saxon explains how the 30-year-old British company has grown to export to over 50 countries worldwide each year.

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International expansion: picking the perfect moment

International expansion is key for any business looking to grow: but be cautious about rushing into it before you're ready, says Amer Hasan.

Growth Planning

Moving to Dubai: Preparing for the challenge of new markets

Engage Works recently entered the market in Dubai: here CEO and founder Steve Blyth uses his experiences to offer advice to businesses entering that or any other foreign markets.


UK SMEs increasingly looking beyond Europe for international trade

North America and Asia biggest new trading markets for British businesses looking beyond traditional European strongholds.


Ready for Ramadan? The implications for business practices in Muslim countries

At the start of the holy month of Ramadan Stephanie Williams explains the things to bear in mind when conducting business with our Muslim friends.

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Why an independent director is crucial to embracing internationalism

International expansion is one of the most complex procedures a growing business can go through: could hiring a good independent director be the key to success?

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Strategies for Going Global – how to avoid the growing pains

Stephen Baines, commercial director of Precious Cells Group, explains how understanding the culture of a country as well as the law of the land can make the difference between success and failure for firms looking to go global.

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Expanding your global footprint

Taking a business worldwide should be implemented from a very early stage with a few key strategies.


Taking Europe by the Loos: Bathrooms.com learns what it takes to export to the continent

Going over to Europe isn't a problem for most Brits, but launching in a European market is another matter altogether.


Post-Brazil World Cup: A winning opportunity for UK businesses?

Philippe Gelis, CEO and co-founder of Kantox, takes a step back from the World Cup fervour and asks what kind of business legacy may be left behind.

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Starting to grow across borders? Don’t underestimate the power of local nuance

Rising confidence amongst UK SMEs is leading to a surge in firms looking to new international markets for the first time in order to grow sales. However, a lack of understanding of their target market's local nuances can create unwelcome headaches, says TMF Group regional managing director Michael Adams.