Gender Gap


Investment into university spinouts nearly doubled in 2021

A record £2.54bn was raised in 2021 with Oxford university spinouts topping the list, but gender imbalance remains

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Are employers ready to report gender pay gaps in April?

Businesses with over 250 employees have less than three months to report their gender pay and bonus gaps under legislation that sets an April 2018 publication date. Are they ready?


Why UK SMEs are twice as quick to bridge the gender pay gap

Every sector where UK SMEs dominate reported double digit percentage growth for female pay over the past decade. Here's why they are primed to bridge the gender pay gap.

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Can equal pay reporting spark legal claims?

Kirwans legal expert Lindsey Knowles warns employers to prepare to report on gender pay now or it could leave them wide open to legal claims.

Legislation and Regulation

Gender pay gap reporting: Don’t leave room for misinterpretation

While the legal obligations for gender pay gap reporting are straight forward, the potential impact of publishing these figures can be complicated. NGA HR gender pay specialist Geoff Pearce writes.

Legislation and Regulation

4 questions to ask to get gender pay gap reporting right

Equality Act 2010's Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations come in to effect today. Do you have a plan of action? ICAEW's Dr Jane Berney shares top tips to help you get started.

Legislation and Regulation

How should companies measure and report a gender pay gap?

New gender pay gap reporting legislation comes into force this April, which requires firms with 250 or more employees to publish information on how much they pay their staff to identify the salary gap between employees in the same job role. Here's what you need to know.

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Talmix gives “McKinsey Mums” a leg up on competition

Over the last decade, half a million more women have entered self-employment. In management services, hiring independent consultants could help recalibrate gender ratios at work. Talmix founder and CEO, Daniel Callaghan explains.

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Why getting more women into tech is more than a pipeline issue

UK diversity start-up, Structur3dpeople aims to take on the lack of gender diversity in technology using the power of the hashtag.

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What employers need to know about the gender pay gap

Kate Palmer, head of advisory at Peninsula, explains how employers can break the cycle of underpaying female staff.


Is confidence enough to combat corporate sexism?

A new study reveals a third of British women feel more confident at work as a result of more female world leaders, but only 5 per cent note a crack in the glass ceiling. Is a confident female workforce enough to combat decades of corporate sexism?


Why addressing the gender pay gap should be a national priority

Chris Rowley, professor of human resource management at Cass Business School explains why the gender pay gap can threaten Britain's competitiveness.