Legislation and Regulation

GDPR: Changing the ways businesses interact with their customers

GDPR is changing the way businesses interact with customers. Here, legal expert Karen Holden explains how the new law works, and how to avoid any potential fines.

Legislation and Regulation

Why businesses need to ‘update now’ for GDPR

Nine in ten businesses stated that they need to invest in new technologies and services to be compliant with GDPR.


Creating personalised consumer experiences with GDPR

Modern consumers are not shy about handing over personal information to businesses, says Visualsoft CMO, David Duke.


Benefits of trusted VPN tools

As a business, you must protect yourself online from any and all attacks. Here, we look at why you should use a trusted VPN.

Human Resources

Employee data and GDPR: what you need to know

Cezanne HR's Sue Lingard explains how GDPR will affect how HR teams use employee data.


Universal digital identity: How do you get it right?

One of the biggest challenges for banks and governments is how to make it easier and safer for people to identify themselves online, while allowing them to have control over the use of their own digital identity. Standard Chartered Bank's Dr Michael Gorriz writes.

PR and Marketing Strategy

GDPR: what UK marketers need to know

Research from DMA reveals that UK marketers are not clued up on the changes in data protection regulations, slated for May 2018. Here's why GDPR is crucial for marketers.


5 essential pillars of big data GDPR compliance

Around 50 per cent of affected organisations worldwide will be unprepared for the GDPR regulations, coming into effect a year from now. Dataiku's Florian Douetteau outlines five of the most important pillars when planning ahead for GDPR compliance.

Legislation and Regulation

How to prepare your company for GDPR

With the GDPR changes looming ahead in 2018, it is imperative that businesses learn what they need to do to protect themselves and their data. Here are some tips to help you prepare.


Data regulations and hiring plans: is your business ready to respond to data?

Seven in 10 businesses that have made investments in data quality solutions have seen a return on investment, but are enough SMEs prepared? Experian's Rebecca Hennessy outlines the benefits of data management in this time of change.


“Data protection is here to stay, get used to it,” says Ravelin CEO on GDPR

The confusion and misinformation around GDPR stems from its ambiguity. Ravelin's Martin Sweeney explains.