Legislation and Regulation

Everything you need to know about data gathering, protection, storage and use under GDPR

In partnership with the UK Domain, we explain everything you need to know about data gathering, storage, protection and use under GDPR.

Legislation and Regulation

How to keep your marketing GDPR compliant

In partnership with the UK Domain, we explain how to keep your business marketing GDPR compliant, whichever modes of communication you use


British companies face £1.6bn loss if EU blocks data sharing

Not having a reciprocal data sharing agreement with the EU post Brexit could cost small British companies £10,000 each in legal fees, says report

Legislation and Regulation

What businesses need to know about legitimate interest under GDPR

The UK Domain explain one of the six lawful bases under GDPR, legitimate interest, using common scenarios to show where it could apply

Legislation and Regulation

Data protection and GDPR: what are my legal obligations as a business?

As the two-year anniversary of GDPR approaches, Guy Wilmot explores the continued legal obligations for businesses

PR and Marketing Strategy

Six reasons to embrace DOOH advertising in the GDPR age

Craig Mytton, chief revenue officer at Bitposter says that new technology in digital screens will allow businesses to tailor content to consumers better than ever before.

Legislation and Regulation

Why GDPR could be the key to rebuilding customer trust

GDPR data protection could build bridges between consumers and businesses.

Legislation and Regulation

GDPR: Is it a huge headache for recruitment firms?

Recruitment companies struggling to get around restrictions on computer profiling of candidates.

Legislation and Regulation

One month till GDPR deadline – are you ready?

Research from international law firm says nearly half of firms will not be compliant in time

Legislation and Regulation

Everything your business needs to know about GDPR

Businesses will need to take immediate measures to comply with GDPR before the deadline comes, as we discuss in this piece.

Legislation and Regulation

Paper logbooks represent significant GDPR compliance risk

Visitor management specialist Proxyclick has issued advice to the business community ahead of the May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force which questions the use of paper logbooks as a method of collecting sensitive visitor data to corporate premises.


GDPR legislation: 5 simple steps to safeguard data

Fellowes shares simple steps to safeguard data ahead of new GDPR legislation.